TOUR NEWS: Loon Lake; Millions, Step-Panther

Triple J favourites Loon Lake have announced a new national tour for August, with Wollongong on the itinerary.

The Sydney band, who played alongside Bluejuice at Waves Nightclub in April, have released new single ‘Cherry Lips’ (listen below), the first track off new EP ‘Thirty Three.’ The band will support the EP release with a big run of dates in a few months. They will be joined by Glass Towers and Cub Scouts at The Patch on August 23.

Tickets are on sale now, through Moshtix.

Loon Lake, ‘Cherry Lips’ single tour
w/ Glass Towers, Cub Scouts
August 23, The Patch


Brisbane indie-pop outfit Millions will be returning to Wollongong in July, to launch new EP ‘Nine Lives Six Degrees.’

Millions, who were last in town with Northeast Party House and Nantes at the Unibar, have played Splendour In The Grass and have supported Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Grates, Bluejuice, Bleeding Knees Club and Gold Fields in just 18 months together. Launching their new EP with a big national tour, they will be joined by Sydney grunge-punk dudes Step-Panther, who recently picked up Wollongong local Daniel Radburn as their new drummer.

The double-header tour will roll into town on July 12, at Yours & Owls. Tickets are on sale NOW through OzTix.

Millions, ‘Nine Lives Six Degrees’ EP tour
w/ Step-Panther
July 12, Yours & Owls


TOUR NEWS: Missy Higgins

After a long hiatus from the music scene, Missy Higgins has announced a new album and revealed details of a big national tour through June to support said album.

‘The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle,’ Higgins’ third album, will be released June 1; you can watch the video for lead single, ‘Unashamed Desire,’ by clicking here. It was directed by Natasha Pincus, the mind behind Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ film clip.

Higgins will stop into the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on June 11 as part of the ‘Ol’ Razzle Dazzle’ national tour. Tickets go on sale May 2.

Missy Higgins, ‘The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle’ tour
w/ Butterfly Boucher
Illawarra Performing Arts Centre
June 11

TOUR NEWS: Flight of The Conchords

It’s definitely Business Time.

After a long absence from our shores, Kiwi duo Flight of The Conchords will return to Australia in July, and they’ve included a stop in Wollongong on the tour.

Hopefully there won’t be too many dicks on the dancefloor when the ladies of the world flock to see Jemaine and Bret hit the WIN Entertainment Centre on July 11. If you’re into it, tickets go on sale April 17, so fingers crossed that the prices aren’t too high and you don’t have to be a prostitute to afford them.

Get on it, mutha’uckers.

Flight of The Conchords
WIN Entertainment Centre
July 11


Recent signees to iconic label Sub Pop, Aussie folk act Husky have added a Wollongong date to their upcoming ‘The Woods’ tour in May.

The tour, to celebrate new single ‘The Woods’ (see the new video below), will see the band stop into Wollongong Unibar on May 2. They will be joined by locals Yardvark and Jack R Reilly.

Tickets are on sale now through the usual outlets, starting at $12. See the Facebook event for more info.

DZ Deathrays post album teaser video

Brisbane band DZ Deathrays will be stopping into town in April, as part of their tour to launch debut album ‘Bloodstreams.’ The duo have just posted a teaser/trailer video for the album, which you can check out below.

DZ Deathrays will be joined by 12-piece garage surf act Velociraptor, and locals My Little Underground, for the show at The Patch on April 19. The show will be co-presented by local agency Huchi Muchi.

Check out the Facebook event for more info and pre-sale details.

INTERVIEW: Henry Rollins

His days in Black Flag and the Rollins Band long behind him, Henry Rollins has been taking his unique insights, stories and observations on the road for almost 30 years now. Staging mammoth ‘spoken word’ (though, don’t call it that in front of him) tours across every continent in the world, Rollins has developed a cult following that of course links back to his days as frontman of the legendary Black Flag, but also that draws from a whole different demographic. Rollins’ performances are painfully funny, totally honest and bitingly witty. He will be touring Australia this April and May, with a show at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on May 8. Henry was kind enough to answer some questions from Radar.

How do you describe what it is that you’re doing now? For me, it’s not quite comedy, and it’s not quite spoken word; it’s somewhere between the two.
All it has ever been for me is a talking show, that’s it. Sometimes there is humor in there, sometimes not. When I first heard the term “spoken word” I cringed.

What first motivated you to start doing these sorts of performances?
I started in 1983. I liked being alone onstage and able to do what I wanted. Being in a band was good, too but this was a good outlet for me.

How do you compare your touring lifestyle now, to that of your days in Black Flag, or the Rollins Band? Are there some parallels, or is it a totally different style?
 Things are more efficient now. I am not having to stay up all night with no place to sleep. Venues are better, sound onstage is better. The intent and discipline are the same, the surroundings and access have improved.

The sheer amount of things you do, or contribute to, is pretty immense; radio shows, writing for LA Weekly and Vanity Fair, acting, as well as these long spoken word tours. Do you like your life to be so busy, so frenetic?

Yes,  it keeps things real for me. I am not interested in doing nothing. It just doesn’t do it for me. I say yes to a lot of things and it keeps me on my toes.

Between the long tours, and all the other aspects of your life, is there anything you try to do to keep from burning out?
No. I just do the work. I go to the gym a lot to keep stress down but past that, I just keep it happening. One day, no one will want me onstage but until then, I will keep touring and working on things. It’s all pretty interesting.

I saw you on your Australian tour back in 2010, and I remember you saying that you don’t like to stay at home for too long, that travelling is simply part of your life. Maybe a tough question, but do you do these long spoken word tours because you like travelling, or do you travel because you like doing the spoken word tours? Which is the main motivating factor? Or is it a combination of both?
I like being onstage and being with the audience. Travel comes with, so it works out. When I am not on tour, I am traveling on my own. Being at the house is cool now and then, you can listen to a record you want to hear or something but that gets boring and too safe for me and I start feeling soft and that I am not trying hard enough.

The towns you perform in, do you try to get out and explore them while you’re there? Or is it more a situation of “drive to the venue, do the show, pack up, drive to the next venue”?
Depends on the schedule. Sometimes, there’s time to look around, sometimes there is not. Frequently, the pre-show hours are taken up with press, gym and writing obligations.

Does this kind of lifestyle get lonely at times? Always travelling, rarely being “home”?
A little but I am not the type that gets very lonely. I have been living this way for many years and I am all about the work, not the hang out so much.

You also speak often about your experiences travelling in countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Saudi Arabia; what country have you been most surprised by, or fallen in love with?
None of it surprises me all that much, I just let things happen as best I can without getting too far in front of a place and put too much into what it is supposed to be. I really like being in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos. Southeast Asia is a great destination for me.

From following your Twitter, it seems like you’ve been spending a lot of time on the road with Dinosaur Jr. Do you get the urge to get back into music, or get nostalgic for the band touring lifestyle, in those situations?
Not at all. I like being alone onstage. It’s good for how I am now. I don’t want unity or to be in a group mentality at this point. I like the manual setting of being onstage alone. It’s very hard and very honest. It’s tough to be out there on my own, which is one of the reasons I like it. Also, I like being around less people on the bus post show and pre-show. I was never about the camaraderie.

When you perform, how pre-prepared is your routine? Do you have a set script that you follow each night? How much does your performance change from show to show?
I go to the stage very prepared. I don’t want to waste an audience’s time. The set changes a lot as new things happen in the world and I come up with things to talk about. I don’t write any of it out, I just work through the ideas I want to talk about and take them to the stage. I will do these ideas over and over and they get shape and speed. The US shows are different as there are more inside political references.

What can we expect from this particular tour of Australia?
I’ll be onstage, talking about where I have been, what I thought about it, what’s happening here or there, etc. It’s the same thing I always do but with different destinations, stories.

Henry Rollins performs at the IPAC on May 8th.

REVIEW: The Getaway Plan, Gatherer @ Unibar

Thursday night saw the long awaited return of Melbourne alternative rockers The Getaway Plan to the Wollongong Unibar. Touring off the back of new album Requiem, excited punters arrived early, eager to catch the band in their first Wollongong show in years.

New Zealand band Gatherer warmed up the stage with a solid set. Their sound, traces of indie interweaved with a grunge type vibe made for a different approach but the unique sound is something that works in their favour. The band played well, but a slightly unresponsive audience was definitely saving their excitement for the headliners.

Opening with electric hit single ‘The Reckoning,’ The Getaway Plan were off to an explosive start.  Being quite a seasoned viewer of these guys and their live show, (8 times, but who’s counting?) they are easily one of the best Australian rock bands to catch live, frontman Matthew Wright displaying an incredible set of lungs with his high octave vocal range.

‘Phantoms’ and ‘Streetlight’ followed in quick succession, with the band then slowing things down to showcase new single ‘Move Along.’ One of the first songs previewed after the announcement of the band reuniting, the audience sang along happily word for word.

The highlight of the night was definitely the re-addition of ‘The New Year’ to the setlist. Notably on their last tour and Big Day Out shows, the band refrained from playing the popular track from their 2006 Hold Conversation EP and have been heavily criticised for this.  Opening and ending on guttural screaming vocals, this song was definitely a crowd pleaser – to put it basically, everyone lost their shit.

The only criticism from the night of great live music was The Getaway Plan seemingly had a lack of energy – understandable due to the relentless touring they have been doing since their reunion. However with crowd numbers lower than expected, the band’s lack of banter with the crowd didn’t do much to keep energy levels high and during some songs it seemed they were going through the paces rather than really enjoying the moment. The smaller crowd in itself was disappointing, considering the band hasn’t played a Wollongong show since before their demise in 2009.

Nevertheless, The Getaway Plan still put on a great show. Lead guitarist Clint is always entertaining to watch with his rhythmic jumping and bouncing around the stage and Matthew’s vocals are generally always pitch perfect. Ending on hit single ‘Where The City Meets The Sea,’ the band exited to applause and cheers from a satisfied Wollongong community.

(Click here to see our gallery of pics from the show)

TOUR NEWS: The Mission In Motion

Aussie pop-punk act The Mission In Motion will be playing The Patch in May, as part of an extensive national tour,

After finishing up on the Soundwave Festival tour last month, the band will again hit the road to roadtest new material from their upcoming second album. Due for release in August, the album will be premiered on the tour with a bunch of new songs to be aired.

Melbourne act Jonesez will join the Mish on all dates. Tickets on sale now!

The Mission In Motion, ‘All Work No Pay’ Tour
w/ Jonesez
May 25, The Patch

WIN: tickets to Aston Shuffle/Purple Sneakers DJs

The Aston Shuffle will play the Unibar on Friday, the final date of their ‘First Degree’ tour with Purple Sneakers DJs; and the Unibar have given us five double passes to give away!

To win, just head over to our Facebook page (hit ‘like’ if you haven’t already) then like or share one of our status updates about the gig. Winners announced on Thursday!

Tickets for the gig are still on sale through Unicentre; click here for more details.

LISTEN: Cub Scouts, ‘Do You Hear’

Brisbane indie-pop act Cub Scouts will be playing the Unibar with Ball Park Music in a few weeks, and have just released their new single ‘Do You Hear.’

‘Do You Hear’ follows the mega-infectious Triple J hit ‘Evie’ for Cub Scouts, who were last in town with Pluto Jonze at Yours & Owls. You can hear it below.

They will join Ball Park Music’s ‘180 Degree’ national tour later this month, with the bill – also including Sydney newcomers Nantes – stopping into the Unibar on March 29. See the Facebook event for more details.

w/ Nantes, Cub Scouts
Unibar, March 29

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