NEW MUSIC: The Pennys, The City Summer, Flatliner

* The Pennys have shared two new songs from their recently released EP. Check out ‘Around The Light’ and ‘In Your Head’ on their Facebook page. The next gig for The Pennys is September 7 at Dicey Riley’s, where they join the lineup for the launch of A Cat Named Kesey’s new EP, ‘Smoother Than Your Grandma.’

* The City Summer (formerly Avaine) will soon release their debut EP ‘Close To Home.’ The first track is titled ‘When I’m Gone,’ and can be heard over on Facebook. The band are also looking for a new rhythm guitarist, so if you’re interested, get in touch with the guys.

* Two new tunes from Flatliner have been released online. Go check out ‘BTD’ and ‘Closed Eyelids’ on the band’s Soundcloud page.

* Illawarra singer-songwriter Mitchell Dimech has a new song titled ‘Letters To You.’ It is taken from his EP ‘Broken Dreams,’ and you can hear his acoustic stylings on Youtube.


CHANGES: Rocking Horse, Avaine

Although there is nothing new about the hip-swinging grooves of Illawarra seven-piece Rocking Horse and the Baby Dolls we thought it worthy to report the group has opened a new Facebook page for you to keep up to date. If you haven’t yet heard their latest release “Get In, Get Onyou can find it here.

Also, local pop-punk outfit Avaine has undergone a lineup and  name change, evolving into The City Summer. You can here their latest track “Photographs” here on Triple J Unearthed. Find them on Facebook. They are next headlining at Yours and Owls August 8th with White Ocean Avenue and Go Away Everyone.

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