REVIEW: Never See Tomorrow, ‘nst’

Words by Sally McMullen

After a two year break since their debut EP, the recent release of Never See Tomorrow’s new album ‘nst.’ has been welcomed with open arms.

With frequent sneak peeks and updates posted about the album’s progress on Facebook, Never See Tomorrow fans were dying to get their hands on a copy and believe me, it was well worth the wait.

The album has a subtle theme of revival throughout, which can be noted through some of the lyrics and song titles including Awaken, Awakened and Follow The Phoenix. Perhaps it is this theme of rediscovery that has resulted in the musical maturity and tight sound of nst. The album opens with Awaken. Beginning with melodic piano, the intro then builds up with the echoed lyrics “watching the world go by.”

The track then crashes into Collidescope, with immediate and heavy growls, which after a minute-long intro of soothing melodies and hypnotic vocals, can make the listener jump out of their skin. The track then crescendos into a fast-paced hook, with aggressive screams and instrumentals.

Tracks such as Break.Start and The Reality of A Dream really highlight the band’s versatility, with a perfect combination of Mitchell Bugg’s brutal vocals balanced against Paul Kozman’s throaty, yet clean vocals.

Despite being a hardcore album, fuelled by heavy break downs and riffs, many of the songs are surprisingly catchy. The energetic and addictive hooks within For Your Eyes Only will have fans head-banging and singing along in no time. Album interlude Awakened is another example, beginning with a simple acoustic guitar harmony before infusing a subtle techno back track before plunging into Upon Wings of Fire with apparent ease.

Hunt The Weak is one of the heavier songs off the album. With chugging, throat-shredding vocals and the sound of a baby’s cry, the song has a fierce and at times eerie quality. With the melodic acoustic guitar from the conclusion of Sky Gazing leading into Faded Memories, the album takes a softer turn towards the end. Beginning with emotionally infused lyrics, the track begins to build through the use of electric guitar riffs, forceful drum-beats and the vocalist calling out “Don’t forget the memories” over and over until leading into a heavier breakdown.

The final track, Follow the Phoenix begins with an insane guitar riff before diving into the heavy growls we have grown accustom to, rounding off the album nicely and acting as a good contrast to the melodic predecessor.

The majority of the songs follow a similar structure, which creates an organic flow between each of the tracks and despite the violent screams and mosh-core sounds, makes the album one of easy listening.

Jam-packed with 11 brand new songs bursting with fresh talent, nst. is proof that the group are way beyond their days of resorting to 1000 Miles covers. Despite the recent lull in local hardcore, Never See Tomorrow are evidence that Wollongong HC still has potential. With a huge line-up of both local and out of town gigs, there will be plenty of opportunities for fans and new comers to check out Never See Tomorrow’s new album first-hand.

Never See Tomorrow play the Hot Damn roadtrip with Where The Enemy Sleeps, Wake The Giants and Aftermath on July 16 (next Saturday) at Hostage X. Say RADAR at the door for cheap entry!


INTERVIEW: Never See Tomorrow

Wollongong metalcore mainstays Never See Tomorrow have just released their debut album, ‘NST,’ after a long period of writing, recording and mixing. Together since 2006, they are one of the last few remaining bands from Illawarra hardcore’s hey-day in the mid-to-late 2000s, and have proved their mettle with big support slots alongside the likes of Parkway Drive, Confession, Thy Art Is Murder, The Amity Affliction and more. With the album out, and the band set to play the Hot Damn Wollongong Roadtrip next weekend, we caught up with the boys to get the low-down.

The album has just been released, what’s the general reaction been so far?
It has been 100% positive! Which we are blown away with, we didn’t expect it to be as well received as it was. We are hearing some real good feedback from the fans.

Are you happy with it?
We are very happy with it, we put so much time into it and all feel satisfied with the outcome.

NST has been around for a while, why did you wait so long to get your first album down?
We had most this album written about three years ago but due to members leaving and various changes in our personal lives you could say we were “distracted” when it came to knuckling down and recording.

Tell us a bit about the album. Where did you record?
We recorded the guitars and bass in Koz’s living room and took them to Electric Sun Studios to be “re-amped” ( A process where we run our recordings through electric suns set up) This saved us a lot of time and money! All vocals were done at Electric Sun with producer Dave Petrovic. He is a genius when it comes to recording, as you can hear in our album.

What was the recording process like?
Fun for the most part, staying up late, drinking buds at kozs house and recording all the parts. The studio was a mini holiday for us and a good excuse to have a few more beers!

How would you describe the album?
We can only describe it as the exact type of music we want to hear and by the reaction, what a lot of people have been waiting for.

As far back as March 2011, you’ve been talking about the album. Why has it taken so long to finally come together?
Basically, we took our time with it and did all the artwork etc on our own, this all took time. So that with the mix of us being generally lazy left us leading people on with the release date, which we apologise for!

You guys are playing the Hot Damn roadtrip in Wollongong next weekend. Looking forward to it?
Yeah we are! The last one was very successful and we hope to keep up the pace!

You’ve played Hot Damn in Sydney before, and you’re on the bill for their long weekend party too. How does playing the club compare to a “regular” gig?
It suits us well because we all love a beer, but unfortunately the sound is usually sub-par and this gets to us a bit as we are pretty picky with that stuff.

As said above, NST has been around for a while, and continued where a bunch of other prominent heavy local acts – Kohere, Another Days Remains etc. – disbanded. Why do you think you’ve stayed together, when a lot of similar bands haven’t?
I guess we carried more passion and our new album is a pure sign of that.

What do you think about hardcore or heavy music in Wollongong now? There’s very few bands around now, compared to a few years ago.
The scene dropped off for a bit, it started to get too repetitive but lately there has been a resurgence. We aren’t particular fans of the “scene” as it seems to come and go, we just wish the gong had better AA venues!

Any locals you’ve been particularly impressed with lately?
We saw Totally Unicorn the other day and it’s safe to say we were impressed.

On Facebook last month, you hinted something about a new music video. What’s the latest there?
We are mid way through filming it. We have an original idea that involves us acting a little bit. We dont take ourselves seriously and its going to show in this video.

Your cover of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘1000 Miles’ was a huge hit, do you have any plans to do any other covers in the future?
We are starting the next run of shows with a cover of Promises by NERO but other than that we haven’t put any thought into it, we don’t want to be seen as cover band as we are so proud of the album.

With the album release, what’s the plan for you guys? Touring plans on the horizon?
We plan to do as many good shows as possible and hopefully get on as supports to as many international artists as possible

Never See Tomorrow play the Hot Damn roadtrip with Where The Enemy Sleeps, Wake The Giants and Aftermath on July 16 (next Saturday) at Hostage X. Say RADAR at the door for cheap entry!

Hot Damn! DJs drop new mixtape; HD Roadtrip next weekend

Ahead of the second Hot Damn! Wollongong Roadtrip on June 16 (next Saturday), the Hot Damn DJs have shared their first punk/party mixtape online.

Featuring cuts from Blink 182, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Forever The Sickest Kids, Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive and The Killers among stacks more, it’s a pretty accurate representation of the type of stuff you’ll get at a typical HD event. Stream it below, or download over on Soundcloud.

Hot Damn returns to Hostage X Nightclub in Wollongong on June 16, with local boys Never See Tomorrow and Where The Enemy Sleeps heading up a big band lineup that also includes Aftermath and Wake The Giants. Remember, you always get cheap entry into Hot Damn when you say RADAR to the door girls when you pay. Tell your friends!

Check out the mixtape below, as well as the tracklisting.

1. Hot Damn! Dj’s Intro
2. Sirens – Angels & Airwaves
3. She’s A Lady – Forever The Sickest Kids
4. The River – Good Charlotte
5. Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore
6. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
7. Up All Night – Blink 182
8. It’s Hard To Speak Without A Tongue – Parkway Drive
9. A Prophecy – Asking Alexandria
10.Have Faith In Me – A Day To Remember
11. Mr Brightside – The Killers
12. What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182
13. False Pretense – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
14. Everything Is Alright – Motion City Soundtrack
15. Heart Shape House – Break Even
16. Ignorance – Paramore
17. The Anthem – Good Charlote
18. I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic At The Disco
19. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White – Underoath
20. DTD – Deez Nuts
21. Anchors – The Amity Affliction
22. Snakepit -Enter Shikari
23. Home Is For The Heartless – Parkway Drive

Hot Damn! Roadtrip returns in June

After a hugely successful trial last Saturday, Hot Damn! will be taking over Hostage X Nightclub again in June.

Local favourites Never See Tomorrow head up a bumper live music contingent on June 16, with Aftermath, Wake The Giants and Where The Enemy Sleeps rounding out the bill.

As with last time, Radar will again be offering a cheap entry deal – just say RADAR to the door attendants for discounted entry.

Saturday was massively popular, with the venue close to capacity all night. Don’t expect June to be any different – get down early to avoid disappointment!

For more info, head to the Facebook event.

Hot Damn! Wollongong Roadtrip
June 16, Hostage X Nightclub
Say RADAR at the door for cheap entry!

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 9-15

Big week on Radar Illawarra this week; in case you missed anything, let’s take a look back at the last seven days.

EXCLUSIVE: first Main Street Studios “TV Tunes” recording:

Radar Illawarra premieres the first of the “Wollongong Music Scene vs. TV Tunes” recording project; Blood, Guts & Firetrucks covering ‘Sesame Street.’

Stacked Festival releases playing timetables:
Stacked Music Festival have released the playing schedule for their two-day event later this month.

Music Farmers to begin hosting gigs in February:
The Wollongong music institution announced they will host monthly band performances starting in February

Yardvark announce album launch mini-tour:
Yardvark will launch their new album, ‘Flannelette Heart,’ with a four gig mini-tour through January and February.

Never See Tomorrow announce album listening party:
Metalcore dudes Never See Tomorrow are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, and will preview the LP at a special listening party.

Matt Corby:
Matt Corby has announced a surprise, intimate gig in Wollongong for the end of this month.

Endless Heights:
Sydney hardcore dudes Endless Heights have announced a special one-off show at Yours & Owls at the end of the month.

Sydney post-rock heroes sleepmakeswaves will also soon play Yours & Owls, with the band to visit Wollongong in March.

Happy New Year, Nite Fields, MBC, Basil’s Kite @ Yours & Owls:
It’s the kind of music to which you can close your eyes, get completely lost in, only to emerge in surprise to applause as the song ended without you even noticing. It seemed a perfect accompaniment to the ambience of Yours and Owls at such a late time of night; chilled out, gorgeous, and ever so alternative.

Faye Blais, Nicole Brophy, Kay Proudlove @ Dicey Riley’s:
Thursday night saw a smattering of locals fill Dicey Riley’s to engage in what became an accidental ‘Girls night in’, with locals Kay Proudlove and Nicole Brophy supporting Canadian guest Faye Blais.

OPINION: Band Comps (a follow-up)
After the big response to, and discussion generated by, our article on band competitions, local music advocate Rob Carr – organiser of the ‘Rock The Vote’ campaign, and the State of the Music Scene forum – wrote to Radar, to submit his own take on the idea of band competitions

Never See Tomorrow to support Parkway Drive

Never See Tomorrow have been announced as the local support for Parkway Drive for their gig at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre next month.

As previously reported, Parkway Drive will play the SEC as part of their ‘Sick Summer’ tour, a month-long tour of regional Australia. Never See Tomorrow will join up-and-coming Sydney bands Hand of Mercy and Northlane on the February 29 show in Nowra; younger fans will be stoked to hear all shows, including the Nowra show, are all ages.

We caught Parkway on their most recent visit to Wollongong in May (check out the review here) and to be honest, it was pretty damn good. So head along to the show… if only to see one of the biggest metalcore acts in the world playing on that tiny, awkward stage in Nowra.

Tickets are on sale via the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre website, for just $30; click here for more details.


PARKWAY DRIVE, ‘Sick Summer Tour’
w/ Hand of Mercy, Northlane, Never See Tomorrow
February 29
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra
All ages
(Click to buy tickets)

Never See Tomorrow announce album listening party

Metalcore dudes Never See Tomorrow are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, and will preview the LP at a special listening party later this month.

Fans can get the first taste of the album at Summer Winter Scene, Oak Flats, on January 27. The event is free and all ages, with the band to preview the album in its entirety.

As we reported last week, Never See Tomorrow recently released a video teaser for the album, with selected tracks from the album accompanied by in-studio footage (click here to see it). While the band have not set a firm release date, the video promises the album will be out “early 2012,” and also promised a “new video and some potential big shows” in coming months.

See the Facebook event for more details on the listening party.

WATCH: Never See Tomorrow album teaser

Metalcore dudes Never See Tomorrow have posted a video teaser for their soon-to-be-released album.

Featuring selected cuts from the new album, the video includes in-studio footage and photographs from recent gigs.

The video promises the album will be out “early 2012,” and the band have also promised a “new video and some potential big shows,” so keep an eye out for more info.

GIG GUIDE: October 24 – 30

UOW End Of Session Party w/ The Bungalows, Penny & The Mystics @ Unibar
7.30pm, $5 (free for UOW students), 18+

Topnovil, Crash Tragic, Speedlab + more @ The Patch
8pm, $10, 18+

Open Mic Night @ Yours and Owls
7pm, free, 18+

Lior @ Heritage Hotel, Bulli (click to buy tickets),
8pm, $40, 18+

Patrick James, Yetis @ Yours and Owls
8pm, 18+

Avaine, At The Gallows @ Wollongong Youth Centre
6pm, free, all ages

Tonight Alive, Ghosts Of Broadway, Never See Tomorrow @ Centenary Hall, Albion Park (click to buy tickets)
7pm, $10, all ages

Matty Woods @ Yours and Owls
7pm, 18+

Earth Mechanics, Chainsaw Mascara, Avaine @ Dicey Riley’s
9pm, free, 18+

The Cool Charmers, The Patron Saints, Swingin’ Beef & The Daptoids, Justin Frew’s Loose Intentions @ The Patch
8pm, 18+

The Sidetracked Fiasco, Policing In Crisis, Feedback Scars (album launch) @ Rydges CBD Bar
8pm, free, 18+

Halloween Party w/ Rukus, Chainsaw Mascars, Holdfast + more @ The Patch (see here for more lineup info)
6pm, $15, 18+

Missing Children, Nikki Thorburn, Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls, Nothing Rhymes With David @ Yours and Owls
7pm, 18+

Passenger Of Shit, Fukno, Abortifacient @ Yours and Owls
8pm, 18+

WIN: double pass to Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive are heading back to Wollongong as part of Music NSW’s Indent tour, playing Centenary Hall at Albion Park on October 28… and thanks to Music NSW, we’ve got some tickets to give away!

The Sydney pop-punk dynamos, currently mid-way through a national tour to promote their debut album ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’, will take off on a short run of regional dates with Indent and Music NSW almost immediately after finishing their album tour.

Albion Park is the first stop on the Indent tour, with Tonight Alive to be supported by locals Never See Tomorrow, and Sydney act Ghosts of Broadway; and Radar’s got some tickets to give away!

All you have to do is ‘like’ Radar on Facebook, then tag Radar in a status on Facebook where you tell all your mates to check out our page. Once you’ve done it, just post on our wall and let us know. So easy!

Tickets for the show are $10 via the Oztix website, or $15 on the door. After Tonight Alive’s last local show, a near sold out gig at Rydges CBD Bar earlier this year, you can be sure tickets will be snapped up fast.



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