INTERVIEW: Go Away, Everyone

Go Away, Everyone will be opening the next Radar gig at Good Jelly on July 7 (click here for more details). We caught up with frontman Seb Wattam for a quick chat and introduction to the newcomers.

Radar: Introduce us to the members of Go Away, Everyone.
Seb: Ben Abraham (Vocals and Guitar), Sebastian Wattam (Vocals, Guitar and Keys), Lachlan Ibbet (Bass), Alex Carling (Drums) and a new member who will be announced at the next show, known only as Agent Z…

Radar: How would you describe Go Away Everyone?
Seb: In terms of genre, probably some kind of alternative rock. At the moment I’d describe us as a band that is trying desperately not to write songs named after Family Guy quotes or in reference to Death Note.

R: Tell us about the history of the band. How did the band come about?
S: We actually formed because Ben came home one afternoon and said ‘do you want to enter battle of the bands?’ and I said ‘sure, let’s make a band then’. I live with Lach who got on board, and Alex was a mate of ours who was currently not with another band. After we had written a few songs together, we all decided that if we enjoyed battle of the bands and we were received well, then we would stay as a band. It happened pretty quickly.

R: What would you say inspires you as a band? What are some of your interests as a group?
S: I know I can speak for everyone when I say that in some way or another, Karl Stefanovic seeps into everything that we do as a band, a modern hero of ours. When we started writing, we had each member say the first band that they enjoyed playing/the sound of. Those four were Tool, Manchester Orchestra, Say Anything and Enter Shikari. We all have different backgrounds and it all meshes together in writing.

R: How do you approach the writing process?
S: A few of us have played in different bands before Go Away, Everyone. Ben and I had been in a band through high school so we had written together before. For Go Away, Everyone we are trying something new. Generally I come to the group with lyrics and a rough idea of a song, and we shape it as a group until we are all happy and everyone has had an input.

R: Any plans for a proper EP or release?
S: There sure is! At the moment our focus is to write, rehearse and perform as frequently as possible to build a repertoire and some confidence as a group. From the songs we write we will choose the best ones to appear on an EP, which we will launch by the end of the year. We already have the concept for the record and we have an artist on board to work with us on the album design. We’re really excited.

R: How do you find the Wollongong music scene at present? How do you think it has changed?
S: I didn’t really know it too much before I moved down here in 2009, but I have spent all of uni being exposed to these great bands with real character and charisma on stage. The calibre of bands is really impressive and they should be given every opportunity to be heard.

R: Who are your favourite local bands?
S: One of the first bands I saw in Wollongong was the Plasmon Resonance Band, I loved every second of the shows I saw and I wish they were around more. The likes of The Pennys, The Omissions, Jack Reilly, Obscura Hail, Vulpes Vulpes and Tommy M and the Mastersounds are all so good

R: What can we expect from Go Away Everyone in the near future?
S: Aside from an EP launch by the end of the year, we are playing the Radar party on 7 July, and Yours & Owls in August which will be awesome. We are a pretty young band so our focus is on writing for the next few months and trying out material for people. Come and get to know us, tell us what you think. It’ll be nice.

Go Away Everyone join Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner, A Cat Named Kesey and Beaten Bodies at the Radar Presents gig on July 7. Click here for more info.

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