REVIEW: Vanguard Party, ‘Forever Jung’

By Cal Thompson

‘Wildebeast Slam Rock / Jumping Castle Rave’ is the wordy genre Vanguard Party claim for themselves, and honestly after listening to all 13 tracks I defy anyone who challenges this. Their sarcastic sense of lyrical humour, reminiscent of Frenzal Rhomb, present in nearly every track allows the band to poke fun at everything possible (particularly our hipster/indie brothers) and keeps the tone very tongue in cheek. I cant help personifying this whole production as ‘that mate’ who dressed in a gorilla suit; Blink 182 style, and ran through Bondi mall knocking over the local’s latte’s and stealing briefcases just to mix his weekend up a little.

Even though the band doesn’t seem to take themselves seriously, the musicianship and progressive song writing shine through the simple yet effective production and its obvious that this is quite a clever and professional record, seemingly way ahead of the band’s local status. A few rouge elements added the track-list keep things interesting, such as the Baritone Sax provided by Evan Batkin’s talents on Going, Going Gondolier, and the quick, witty anecdotes that feature in a few tracks.

Vanguard Party’s catchy Nintendo chiptune style synth riffs and pop punk guitars combined with little unique twists in every song, steers the record away from being just another clean cut garage indie pop production (and I swear I heard a double kick somewhere). The vocals, admittedly, won’t be everyone’s highlight, but Jared makes it work, throwing in a few impressive screams and shouts into the pop-osphere which only adds to his witty lyrical/vocal expedition. Besides, if you can listen to the vocal efforts of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah than you can listen to anything, in my books anyway.

“You’ve got your specs but they’re just fake, I guess sunglasses are all it takes, to make you smart, intelligent when you’re an Indie brand represent” Think For Yourself

Don’t be pretentious cool cat, just take off your cardi’, pump this addictive collection of songs, get smashed at the 8th birthday next door and live a little.

Grab the whole album for free from Vanguard Party’s Bandcamp page and hold on to your little party hats for their next show announcement.


EXCLUSIVE: Vanguard Party album details and stream

Vanguard Party will release their debut album, ‘Forever Jung,’ on May 2nd – you can stream it here.

According to frontman Jared Chappell, ‘Forever Jung’ is a 13-track LP covering “diverse topics such as deliberate bicycle accidents, marriage by abduction, anti-fundamentalist bile, and morbidly obese law enforcement wannabes.”

“Essentially, it’s an album heavy with gameboy synths and punk guitars,” Chappell says.

A full digital release is planned for Thursday the 3rd of May, but in the time being you can pre-order it at Vanguard Party’s Bandcamp page to receive two tracks instantly.

We can also reveal that Evan Kerr of Tommy M & The Mastersounds has joined the band as keyboardist, replacing Tod Manojlovic. Tommy M saxophonist, Evan Batkin, also features on ‘Forever Jung.’

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