GIVEAWAY: Bleeding Knees Club tickets

Bleeding Knees Club will play The Patch on Saturday, with Dune Rats and Sures in support on the HUCHI MUCHI presented show.

We’ve got a couple of double passes to give away. To win, just post this news article on your Facebook page, and tag Radar in the status. We’ll pick winners on Friday!

Tickets are still available for the gig; click here to buy.

Bleeding Knees Club
w/ Dune Rats, Sures
The Patch, April 14


TOUR NEWS: Simple Plan, We The Kings

Canadian pop-punks Simple Plan have today announced an Australian tour for June, including an all-ages gig at the UOW Unihall.

Simple Plan, formed waaay back in 1999, shot to prominence with upbeat and catchy tracks like ‘I’m Just A Kid’ and ‘Shut Up,’ but sort of fell off the planet around 2006 after the release of their second album. Fast forward to 2011, they released the uber catchy ‘Jet Lag’ with Natasha Bedingfield, and kickstarted their career again on the back of a hectic touring schedule.

They return to Australia just a few months after their last Down Under tour, after the visited back in October. They will bring recent Soundwave Festival favourites We The Kings along as support for the tour.

The tour stops in at the UOW Unihall on June 6, for a rare all-ages gig at the venue. Tickets are on sale now via usual outlets BigTix, OzTix, Redback Music and the Unishop.

Simple Plan
w/ We The Kings
Unihall, June 6

TOUR NEWS: The Getaway Plan

Currently tearing up stages across the country as part of the Big Day Out, recently reformed Aussie rockers The Getaway Plan have added a Wollongong show to their upcoming ‘The Reckoning’ national tour.

The Getaway Plan, who recently released second album ‘Requiem,’ will play Wollongong Unibar on March 22. The tour hits a bunch of regional centres, in support of the band’s new single ‘The Reckoning.’

Gatherer will support the Wollongong show, with a local opener also to join the bill. Tickets are on sale now from Unishop, Redback Music, Bigtix, OzTix etc. See the Facebook event for more info.

w/ Gatherer + local opener
March 22, Unibar

GIG GUIDE: January 23-29

Guttermouth (USA), Topnovil, Lower Coast Skies, On Empty @ The Patch
8pm, $25 (click for tickets), 18+

The Vicious Dickens, The Dalton Gang’s Last Raid, Spindles & Moose, Stu Armour @ Yours & Owls
8pm, free, 18+

Sun Araw (US), Prince Rama (US), Rites Wild, Moonbase Commander, Pom Pom @ Yours & Owls
8pm, $10 (click for tickets), 18+

Stacked Music Festival @ City Diggers
w/ Alotta Presha, Sticky Fingers, Sydney Girls Choir, Vulpes Vulpes + more
6pm, $16 (or $28 for both days – click for tickets), 18+

The Bungalows, Bang Bang Rock n Roll, DJ Dinner Suit @ Yours & Owls
8pm, $5, 18+

Gravity Takes Over, Curious Temple, The Vicious Dickens @ The Patch (front room)
8pm, free, 18+

Red Fire Red @ Dicey Rileys
9pm, free, 18+

Stacked Music Festival @ City Diggers
w/ The Conspiracy Plan, Tommy M, Chicks Who Love Guns, Hy-Test + more
12pm, $18 (or $28 for both days – click for tickets), all ages until 5.30pm, 18+ after

Grimskunk, Manorex6, Dinibike @ The Patch (front room)
8pm, free, 18+

Steve Edmonds @ Dicey Rileys
8pm, 18+

Matt Corby, ‘secret garden’ show @ North Wollongong
4pm, $20

Endless Heights , Only Sleeping, The Brave @ Yours & Owls
8pm, 18+

Justin Frew @ The Patch
3pm, free, 18+

WIN: double pass to Stacked Music Festival

The inaugural Stacked Music Festival is happening next weekend, January 27 & 28, at City Diggers in Wollongong. With a massive lineup of locals including Hy Test, Alotta Presha, Sydney Girls Choir and Tommy M & The Mastersounds – along with out-of-towners Gay Paris, Chicks Who Love Guns and Sticky Fingers – it’s set to be a massive boost for the Wollongong music scene, giving the area something it hasn’t seen in years; a contemporary music festival. (click here for full lineup details)

We’ve been working with the guys at Stacked to make sure the event is the success it deserves to be, and they’ve been kind enough to give us a few two-day tickets for the event to give away to you! These tickets will get you into both days of the festival, and with over 30 bands on offer over the Friday and Saturday, it’s a feast for music lovers.

How to win? It’s easy. Just RSVP to the Facebook event, then invite a bunch of your friends to the event too. It’ll take like thirty seconds. So easy, right?

Once you’ve done it, go comment on Radar Illawarra’s Facebook wall or on this news post.

Tickets to Stacked are still on sale, and are ONLY AVAILABLE PRE-SALE! No tickets on the door. Get your tickets NOW through Moshtix; just $16 per day, or $28 for a weekend pass – less than $1 per band. Crazy cheap. Click here for ticket details.

w/ Hy Test, Alotta Presha, Sydney Girls Choir and Tommy M & The Mastersounds and MORE! (click here for full lineup details)
January 27-28
City Diggers, Wollongong

FEATURE: Stacked Music Festival

The Wollongong music scene needs a rallying point.

As old, run-down, decrepit and fallen-from-glory that the Oxford Tavern was in its final days, it still held an important and significant role for the local music scene. It was a meeting point for musicians, for fans, for promoters and bookers, for anyone and everyone involved in music in this town. Granted, I grew up in Wollongong at a time when the Oxford was already losing its lustre; when I finally reached the legal age to enter the place, it was all but dead, taking gasping, wheezing breaths as it shuddered to its (some say long-overdue) death. But even I could see that while it has lost the prestige it once had, it was – for better or worse – the centrepiece of music in Wollongong. It was probably the one Wollongong venue that out-of-towners could name, the one thing that seemingly defined Wollongong music. With the closure of the Tavern in 2009, the local music community lost that centrepiece, that rallying point; we lost that one recognisable icon that symbolises the Illawarra music scene, and we haven’t found a new one yet.

Stacked Music Festival, maybe, could be that icon. That rallying point. While the inaugural event is still a week away, signs point to the festival providing an immensely important facet to music in Wollongong. Since the ill-fated Play Day festival some years back, Wollongong has not held a contemporary music festival (don’t even MENTION the Rewind Festival fiasco).

Stacked will see over 30 local bands, with a sprinkling of well-known Sydney acts, play City Diggers on January 27 and 28. A two-day festival across three stages, showcasing some of the region’s most talented bands – including Sydney Girls Choir, The Walking Who, Alotta Presha, The Conspiracy Plan and Tommy M & The Mastersounds – to an expected audience of over 1000 people; while it’s small potatoes compared to your Big Day Outs or Soundwaves, it’s an immensely important step for the region. While regional centres like Newcastle and Canberra each have one or more big-name festivals with international acts each year (Groovin’ The Moo and Foreshore, respectively), Wollongong doesn’t even have a local contemporary music festival. We have no big-name event to define Wollongong music to the wider Australian music public. Is it any wonder that 95% of people outside the area can even NAME a Wollongong-based band? Stacked can be the beacon that shows Australia – and, maybe even more importantly, the Wollongong community itself – that Wollongong has an unbelievably strong, vibrant and talented music community.

“It’s pretty obvious that even though we have so many great acts in Wollongong but we don’t have a festival to showcase them,” says Dave Morris, co-organiser of Stacked. You may know Morris from his hard-touring, hard-partying musical duo ‘The Tom & Dave Show, with Tom Hitchens, the other organiser of Stacked.

Morris says that he and Hitchens have been kicking around the idea of a local music festival for around three year, while the organisation itself has been about five months in the making.

“It’s something that we have wanted to do for about 3 years but we felt that the time was right to do it in 2012. Once we actually made the decision to stop talking and actually do it it all sort of snowballed and come together really quickly. There’s so many people who love live music in Wollongong that once we put the idea out there we couldn’t really stop it.”

While the music community itself has rallied behind Stacked – with a range of acts from rock’n’roll to synthpop, folk to punk, from the scene’s veterans and mainstays to the new young bloods – Morris says that the wider community has been hesitant to take a punt on local music. Not an unfamiliar story, right?

“We have got a lot of support for the festival so far from a lot of different places and also found a few roadblocks along the way that we didn’t really expect. We found it quite hard to attract any substantial sponsors to the event,” Morris says.

“We had a few businesses who should have gotten behind this from the start only offer us few vouchers and things like that but not really anything to help make the festival happen, so in the end we decided to just do it ourselves and forget about sponsorship.”

“We believe in it and the bands believe in it and I know it will be a great weekend. I think that it’s probably to do with the failure of large scale festivals in Wollongong in the past. We’ve seen Playday & Rewind fold before they opended so I guess there’s a reason for hesitation from a company’s point of view but it was a bit dissapointing.”

Bands themselves have high hopes for Stacked. Glenn Haworth, of The Conspiracy Plan (and the popular Haworth Guitar stores), believes the festival can continue into the future with the right support from the community

“We wanted to play because it looked like a professional festival which we dont often see in the ‘Gong,” Haworth said.

“It seems like everytime we get close to having one it gets cancelled for one reason or another. Good on the organisers for riding this one out and getting it done! They’re off to a great start… there is a cool energy in Wollongong at the moment in the music scene.”

Bennie James, also playing the festival, believes that the outcome of this year’s festival will be the main factor in whether it will continue and grow into the future.

“A show this size takes an awful lot of organisation and money, along with a group of dedicated people,” he says.

“There’s already plenty of people throwing support to Stacked, but if the event is a success I think you’ll see a much larger interest in the future.”

Morris agrees with this statement, saying that the inaugural festival is about “testing the water.”

“If we get a massive turnout then we know we can aim for much much bigger next year and take a much bigger risk. If it’s just a conservative turnout then we’ll still have to be a bit cautious and see how it grows over the next years. But 2012 won’t be the last time we see Stacked in the ‘Gong.”

“I want to see the festival grow into a festival that is recognised and respected Australia wide and I’d love to see it moved outdoors.”

In organising Stacked, both Morris and Hitchens have one eye firmly set on the future. Morris speaks about how the festival can – as mentioned above – act as a shining light for the Wollongong music scene, a way to draw attention to the region’s now-burgeoning live music community, and draw bands to the Illawarra.

“We just don’t have an opportunity like this in Wollongong. We’ve had confirmation from pretty much every major label and agency in Sydney that they’ll be here… This could be massive and who knows where it could lead.”

“If the festival heads in the direction I want it to, we’ll attract a lot more attention from big name touring bands to come and play in Wollongong and the great live music venues we’ve got here.”

Morris concludes with these words: “A grass roots festival might be just what we need to stop being looked at as ‘Sydney’s younger cousin’.”

Amen to that, brother.

Stacked Music Festival runs from January 27-28 at City Diggers. Tickets start at just $16 per day, or $28 for a weekend pass. Click here for full lineup details, or see Stacked on Facebook.

GIVEAWAY: Cobra Skulls, Dead To Me

American punk veterans Dead To Me and Cobra Skulls are teaming up for an extensive Aussie tour through March and April, with Yours & Owls on the tour schedule for April 3rd. The acclaimed acts will be joined by reunited Canberra punk icons, Lamexcuse.

Thanks to Chopdog Promo, we’ve got CD and poster packs from both bands to giveaway! That’s a tour poster, plus Cobra Skull’s “Agitations” and Dead To Me’s “Moscow Penne Ante”; both critically acclaimed albums.

To win, just “like” Radar Illawarra on Facebook; then tag us in a status, telling your friends to check us out. Let us know when you’ve done it!

Tickets for the show are now available through Oztix, but if you want to catch the show, you’d better be quick; tickets are flying out the door. Don’t miss this chance to see these American punk tearaways in such an intimate setting!

Cobra Skulls, Dead To Me
w/ Lamexcuse, Last
April 3rd
Yours & Owls

TOUR NEWS: Children Collide

Aussie rock favourites Children Collide have announced a new album, released a new video, and revealed details of a big album launch tour in March, which will include a stop in Wollongong.

The band today announced that their third album is to be titled ‘Build A Monument’ and will be released in April. Children Collide will play The Patch on March 23 as part of their ‘Sword To A Gunfight’ tour, named for the first single and video to be released from the album (watch/listen below).

Children Collide have been regular visitors to Wollongong in recent years, typically playing a few local shows each year; however, this will be the band’s first visit to since 2010.

Tickets on sale February 2nd

Never See Tomorrow to support Parkway Drive

Never See Tomorrow have been announced as the local support for Parkway Drive for their gig at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre next month.

As previously reported, Parkway Drive will play the SEC as part of their ‘Sick Summer’ tour, a month-long tour of regional Australia. Never See Tomorrow will join up-and-coming Sydney bands Hand of Mercy and Northlane on the February 29 show in Nowra; younger fans will be stoked to hear all shows, including the Nowra show, are all ages.

We caught Parkway on their most recent visit to Wollongong in May (check out the review here) and to be honest, it was pretty damn good. So head along to the show… if only to see one of the biggest metalcore acts in the world playing on that tiny, awkward stage in Nowra.

Tickets are on sale via the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre website, for just $30; click here for more details.


PARKWAY DRIVE, ‘Sick Summer Tour’
w/ Hand of Mercy, Northlane, Never See Tomorrow
February 29
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra
All ages
(Click to buy tickets)

Stacked Festival releases playing timetables

Stacked Music Festival have released the playing schedule for their two-day event later this month.

The festival – which includes Sydney Girls Choir, The Walking Who, Alotta Presha, Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Chicks Who Love Guns and more (click here for the full lineup) – will be held over three stages at City Diggers, Wollongong on January 27 and 28. With the event just two weeks away, see below for playing times.

Tickets for Stacked are still available, and can only be purchased prior to the event; no tickets will be available on the door. Two day passes are $28, while single day tickets start at $16. Click here to buy tickets through Moshtix, or see the Stacked Music Festival website for more details.



Hall stage:
6:30pm – Round The Corner
7:25pm – Sydney Girls Choir
8:20pm – The Watt Riot
9:30pm – sticky fingers
10:45pm – Alotta Presha

Loft stage:
8:25pm – Vulpes Vulpes
9:55pm – Common Grounds

Lounge stage:
9:15pm – Young Braves
10:45pm – Mass Effect


Hall stage:
12:30pm – Fiend
1:20pm – Lumiere
2:10pm – Lost In Verona
3:00pm – The Maze
4:00pm – Tommy M and The Mastersounds
5:50pm – Tainted Fist
6:50pm – Crash Tragic
8:00pm – The Conspiracy Plan
9:15pm – Chicks Who Love Guns
10:30pm – Hy-Test

Loft stage:
12:35pm – Justin Frew’s Loose Intentions
1:45pm – Matt Southon
3:05pm – Rekollect
4:45pm – Tokyo Spares
7:20pm – Bennie James
8:35pm – Mung
9:45pm – The Walking Who

Lounge stage:
12:00pm – Clockwork 925
1:10pm – Arcaien
2:20pm – Big Erle – Foot Stompin Blues
3:50pm – Triggermoose
5:15pm – The My Ty’s
6:45pm – The Omissions
8:00pm – The Pennys
9:10pm – Yardvark
10:25pm – Gay Paris

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