GALLERY:Tommy M, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey, Go Away Everyone @ Dicey Riley’s

Radar presents: Tommy M, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey, Go Away Everyone – 7/7/12
Photos by Jak Photography

Thanks to all that came out, to Dicey’s for giving us their place on short notice, and Sol Studios/Beekon Effairs for running a flawless sound and lights show. Stay tuned for the next Radar gig at Yours & Owls on July 25 – details coming soon!


INTERVIEW: Beaten Bodies

Beaten Bodies have been together for just over six months, but are already causing a bit of a stir in the local music community. Joining Tommy M & The Mastersounds and Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls in channelling a groovy, funky, soulful sound reminiscent of days gone by – as well as having a mammoth eight bodies on stage at any one time – the collective have only performed sparingly and rarely since forming; but impressed judges enough at their recent UOW band comp heat to advance straight to the final. They’re are playing our Radar x Good Jelly gig on July 7, so we caught up with bassist Liam to get the skinny on Beaten Bodies.

Radar: Introduce us to Beaten Bodies. Who are the members and what do they play?
Marli Truran-Lakaev – Vox
Novak Manojlovic – Keys
John McCoy – Drums
Liam Copland – Bass
David Reglar – Tenor Sax
Matt Tarrant – Trumpet
Geordie Crawford – Alto Sax
Nick Chater – Trombone

R: How would you describe Beaten Bodies?
A mix of all the old groove stuff: soul, funk, Motown – with a contemporary sound.

R: Tell us about the history of the band. How did the band come about?
It started as a throwaway comment. My brother was turning 21, and everyone was doing something for the party except me. I told the parents I’d work out the music, maybe an iTunes playlist. I’m not very computer savvy and it became apparent that the whole thing’d be easier if I got some people together for a jam. That was in November last year.

R: What would you say inspires you as a band? What are some of your interests as a group?
Creating something that we wanna listen to ourselves is the obvious. Big funk/soul bands are the inspiration—lotsa horns, lotsa bodies on stage, everyone working at a vibe that is both improvised and aware of its purpose. We’re all inspired by different things, but as a collective, the big ones would be Winehouse, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, The RH Factor, maybe The Bamboos.

R: How do you approach the writing process?
We all just get in there, yell, stick our hands up, wrestle, and laugh a lot. The writing process is extremely productive for us. We’ve got members burning with great ideas. Crazy inspired people with ideas oozing outta every orifice. That being said, the challenge for us is knowing when we’re doing too much, convoluting a song that needs to breath. But yeah, to answer the question, the writing process is collaborative, the songs evolving each and every time we get together, even when we’re not playing them.

R: Any plans for a proper EP or release?
At the time of this interview, we’re pretty close to finishing our debut E.P. All that’s left to record are the vocals and the mixing and mastering stages. There are four tracks, all a bit different. In an attempt to reflect a few different shades of what we’ve been up to, our goal was to go for a sound specific to each song. It should be out in September, at the latest.

R: How do you find the Wollongong music scene at present? How do you think it has changed?
The scene is good, inspiring. Wollongong is going through such a prolific stage at the moment, every second person plays in a band. With so many people in bands, there are so many people going to gigs, and the scene has only flourished because of this. This explosion of bands have urged people to stay in Wollongong for their entertainment, this is a change.

R: Who are your favourite local bands?
Off the top of my head: This Mess, Totally Unicorn, and Kool and The Gang.

R: What can we expect from Beaten Bodies in the near future?
We’re playing the Radar gig at Good Jelly on the 7th of July and the UoW band comp final on the 23rd of August. But the release of the E.P is definitely the big one.

Beaten Bodies join Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner, A Cat Named Kesey and Go Away Everyone at the Radar Presents gig on July 7. Click here for more info.

RADAR PRESENTS: Tommy M, Round The Corner + more @ Good Jelly!

After a string of their own individual gigs, Radar Illawarra and Good Jelly will team up for the biggest party that either organisation has hosted so far.

July 7 will see Tommy M & The Mastersounds, A Cat Named Kesey, Beaten Bodies and Go Away Everyone play the Globe Lane venue, in a rare all-ages gig for Wollongong.

The lineup, curated by Radar Illawarra, draws from many facets of the ever-burgeoning Wollongong music scene, with something for everyone from rock to funk, electronic to folk and gypsy, local favourites to hotly-tipped newcomers.

The show will mark the last Tommy M & The Mastersounds performance for six months, as they take time off to record their debut album. The eight-piece reggae/funk act will also farewell saxophonist Ngaire, as she departs to the Northern Territory for a working holiday.

Round The Corner will make their local return after a short break from performing, with their chilled-out indie-folk tunes a welcome addition to the lineup.

Emerging acts A Cat Named Kesey, Beaten Bodies and Go Away Everyone have caught our attention already, and Radar is stoked to have these impressive newcomers on the bill.

Good Jelly is an all-ages, BYO venue. Doors from 7pm, $10 entry. Food, snacks and drinks will also be available for purchase on the night.

RSVP to the Facebook event

REVIEW: UOW Band Comp, Heat 4

Words by: Sally McMullen

The fourth and final heat of the UOW Band Comp brought in a huge crowd last night. In complete contrast to last week, every table and chair of the UniBar was taken, with many resorting to sitting on the stairs and edges of the pool tables to see.

The night opened with ShereKhan, whose energetic sound filled the UniBar and had the crowd dancing from start to finish. As soon as the boys hit the stage, the floor was packed with friends and fans bopping and singing along to every word. Considering the group only formed earlier this year, the band has a great on-stage chemistry. Rivers Scott’s bold voice reverberated over the instruments, sometimes descending to a low, almost raspy growl demonstrating his versatility. With addictive rock ‘n’ roll beats and only a short set, ShereKhan left the crowd wanting more.

Up next were We Are Them. Beginning with high-pitched glam rock vocals that blasted through the bar, they immediately grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. The band quickly barrelled into a progressive rock inspired set, with electric guitar licks and heavy breakdowns gaining the appreciation of metal fans in the crowd. The keyboard rendition of The Lord Of The Rings theme was a definite crowd pleaser and in my opinion, probably the highlight of an already impressive set.

Suited up and looking all class, Beaten Bodies followed. With a four-piece brass section, the act brought a refreshing bluesy sound to the comp. Similar to those of Lanie Lane, the throaty vocals of lead singer Marli resonated with the soul of the instrumentals. Floating around on stage, it was often a surprise to hear such a strong voice come out of such a petite girl. The vibrant combination of blues and funk brought an influx of people onto the floor, with one swing-dancing couple in particular who almost stole the show. The mind-blowing sax solos had the crowd cheering before the songs had even come to an end and the occasional grin shared amongst the band members proved that even they knew they were killing it.

By the time Emris took the stage, the majority of the crowd had dissipated, although the loyal metal lovers in the crowd remained. Considering this was only their third gig, Emris had a good dynamic, with their metal sound taking influence from bands such as Trivium. With Tess on lead vox, her pop infused harmonies contrasted well with the violent guitar riffs and screamo back up vocals. “This is War” was definitely the highlight of the set, with a hint of Viking rock illustrating the versatility of the young act.

Beaten Bodies were then announced as the well-deserved winners of the heat, shortly followed by We Are Them as runner up. Now that the UOW band comp heats have concluded, each of the finalists will progress to the next round to decide who will end up the ultimate victor of the National Campus Band Comp!

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