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If you would like to:
* be featured in Radar’s weekly gig guide;
* have your EP/album/gig reviewed by Radar;
* give us a news tip;
* advertise on Radar;
* suggest a band you’d like to see interviewed;
* or just give some general feedback;

please drop us a line at:

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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. scott says:

    am keen to chat with you about ways we may be able to collaborate – please call 4231 4100 if you would like to chat =)

  2. jai woolveridge says:

    I present a community radio show in the shoalhaven aimed at giving airplay to bands that might not get much time on commercial radio. I would be interested in seeing if there was a possibility we might be able to help each other. I am only just starting out and have had some sucees in putting the message out that i am basically offering a free forum for bands to be played on radio. So far i have only had contact from interstate bands but i would love to promote more of a local spread of bands from the south coast. If you could put the word around that im willing to give local acts a listen and aply and pass on my contact details i’d appreciate it. Also if there is anything i might be able to help you out lease let me know. Thanks.

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