GIG GUIDE: August 27 – September 2

Last week was a big one for local gigs, and the goodness keeps on coming this week with another huge lineup of live music to sink your teeth into. Heading up the list on a crowded weekend of shows is the Yours & Owls 2nd birthday party. Featuring Totally Unicorn, Alotta Presha, The Walking Who and a dozen more across three venues, it’s set to be one of the biggest nights of the year for music fans.

The same night we’ve got Sleepmakeswaves at The Patch, before a huge Saturday brings us a free all-ages acoustic show at Music Farmers; HY-FEST at Dicey Riley’s; Children Collide at the Unibar; and Mother & Son at Owls.

Alpine, Clubfeet @ The Patch

Dead, Thomas Covenant, Basil’s Kite, Nuclear Family @ Yours & Owls

Northern Suburbs
Gin Wigmore @ Heritage Hotel, Bulli

Art Of Sleeping, Tiger Town, Maples @ Yours & Owls

RADAR PRESENTS: Yours & Owls 2nd birthday (w/ Alotta Presha, Step-Panther, Totally Unicorn and more) @ Yours & Owls/Town Hall/Fever nightclub

Sleepmakeswaves, The Koranic @ The Patch

Rampage @ Dicey Riley’s

Children Collide, Dune Rats, Bad Dreems @ Unibar

HY-FEST (w/ Hy-Test, Bruce, Don Fernando, Chainsaw Mascara) @ Dicey Riley’s

Ian Laidlaw photographic exhibition (with performance from Mother & Son) @ Yours & Owls

Jack Reilly, Bec Sandridge, Obscura Hail (and more) @ Music Farmers, 12pm

Nekrofeist, Tensions Arise, Red Bee, Shadow In Ruin @ The Patch


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