This Mess are part of a new wave of local artists dabbling in electronic and bass music, crafting intricate electronica through a combination of programmed beats and live instrumentation. They are gearing up to release their debut EP, which is currently being mixed in Los Angeles by acclaimed producer Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups,  ). The local duo are headlining the ‘Under The Radar’ event at Yours & Owls this Wednesday (July 25) with The Omissions, Without Parachutes and ShereKhan. Jim Wilson from This Mess took the time to answer a quick few questions to introduce the duo, and also put together a pretty sweet mixtape for us too.

1) How long have This Mess been together?
We have been playing music together, in various shapes and forms, for about 3 years. We have done a lot of playing together in soul, RnB and jazz band situations previously, but This Mess has been going since the beginning of the year.

2) Who are your influences?
We have quite a broad range of influences. We both love Jazz and RnB but we have been really getting into the electronic movement that’s happening now. We are really into Seekae, Mt. Kimbie, Flying Lotus, James Blake, SBTRKT and Electric Wire Hustle. I suppose our goal for This Mess is to merge these two different worlds of music.

3) Tell us about your craziest gig moment as This Mess
Well, to tell you the truth, our gigs have not been all that crazy. We have supported some awesome acts but they have generally been pretty civilised affairs. We currently hold the record of attracting the oldest ever punter at Yours and Owls, Tace’s 86 year old Nanna. At our last gig at the patch there was a crazy guy on ‘shrooms who was exuberantly clapping out of time and giving us excellent life advice: “Shine your love on to the universe!”
Ask us in a year or so, we might have some more stories.

4) You recently signed with Dub Monster Music. How has this changed the game for you?
Primarily, it has given us a hell of a lot more time to work on music. We don’t really have to call and chase things up much any more. Sean (our manager) is always coming up with good ideas and he is excellent at keeping us on track with the business side of things. We value his opinion because he is super-objective and doesn’t like to kiss our bums. He is also an animal to party with.

5) Tell us more about your upcoming EP.
It’s due out by November this year. We are producing the whole thing at our home studio and it’s getting mastered by Dave Cooley of Elysian masters in LA. Elysian have mastered some of our favourite artists’ (J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Electric Wire Hustle) work so we are super pumped to work with them. We seem to take our time when producing as our music is quite layered, which is a luxury that you can only really afford if you are recording at home. We have worked really hard at finding a balance between production and spontaneity. Some of the tracks on the EP have had many, many hours spent on them while other’s have been improvised in 20 minutes or so. This all seems to come back to the ‘live’ vs. ‘electronic’ contrast in our music and influences.

6) Whats the next 6 months hold?
Number one goal is finishing and releasing the EP as well as playing some shows out of town. I (Jim) and working on doing some DJ stuff in the future. We are also planning on collaborating with Beaten Bodies on a track.

7) Anything you’d like to add?
We have released a little mix for Radar. It’s got a bunch of different stuff and an unreleased This Mess track on it.
Some of our other tracks are also available to download from
We are playing this Wednesday at Yours and Owls as part of “Under the Radar.” We’re also supporting Jenny M Thomas. and The System at Owls on the 19th of August.


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