GIG GUIDE: July 2-8

A great big week of shows going down! Influential UK punk outfit Basement are at Owls with hotly-tipped Sydney hardcore dudes Endless Heights and locals Cold Youth and Harbourer, for what should be a sold-out, sweaty and intense night. We’ve also got Heroes For Hire at The Patch, Fait Accompli at Owls, and The Cairos at The Patch too.

Our gig of the week, though, is of course the Radar presents show at Dicey Riley’s on Saturday night. It’s the biggest Radar show yet, and we’ve booked five of the best bands in the region for you. Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey and Go Away Everyone will be annihilating the Dicey’s stage from 7pm onwards, and best of all, it’s FREE entry! Come along, have a dance and a beer, and check out these guys so in the future, when they’re massive, you can say “I remember them from way back when…”

Basement, Endless Heights, Cold Youth, Harbourer @ Yours & Owls


The Pennys, Elliott The Bull, The Omissions, Nuclear Family @ Yours & Owls

The Cairos, The Preachers @ The Patch

Heroes For Hire, Luca Brasi, Carry Me Home, Wake The Giants, The Conspiracy Plan @ The Patch

Fait Accompli, The Dalton Gang’s Last Raid, Bang Bang Rock n’ Roll, Obscura Hail @ Your s & Owls

Justin Frew and His Loose Intentions, Alex Watts and the Foreign Tongue, Gentleman and Vagabonds @ Dicey Riley’s

Radar presents: Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey, Go Away Everyone @ Dicey Riley’s
7pm, FREE

Kingswood, Damn Terran, Money For Rope @ Yours & Owls

I am Apollo, Yetis, Blind River Running @ Yours & Owls


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