Update: Radar Presents gig on July 7

Good news and bad news. The bad news first: due to some well-documented issues, we will no longer be able to host our upcoming July 7th gig with Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner and more at Good Jelly. Issues have arisen in recent days, and the venue is no longer able to host music.

The GOOD news is that we’re keeping the party going, and simply moving up the road to Dicey Riley’s! We’re picking up the party, and just plonking it down at your favourite Irish pub on Crown Street, just up from Wollongong train station. And the BEST news? The gig is now totally FREE!

Tommy M, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey and Go Away Everyone will all still be playing; it’ll still be the best local gig of the year; the drinks will still be flowing (cheap Guinness? hell yes!); and it’ll still be the best night of local music you’re likely to see anywhere, anytime soon.

Our good bros at Dicey’s have come to the rescue, so a massive thanks to these guys for offering up their place. Their ‘Live & Local’ Friday night gigs are great, and we’re stoked to be bringing some local tunes to a Saturday night there. Other good mates Beekon Effairs and Sol Studios will be helping us with sound and lights, so again a bit thanks to these dudes.

Unfortunately the gig is no longer all ages, and will be restricted to 18+. Sorry for all you under-agers – we’ve been trying for days to find a solution that would let you guys enjoy the party, but to no avail. But don’t fret, we’re working on something extra-special for all our underage fans, and will be dropping news of an excellent all-ages party real soon.

So, spread the word! The Radar party is still happening, everything’s the same, all the bands will be ruling all night long, and best of all, it’s going to cost you exactly NUTHIN’ to get inside!

Radar Presents:
Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Round The Corner, Beaten Bodies, A Cat Named Kesey, Go Away Everyone
July 7, Dicey Riley’s

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