Support Good Jelly, donate and help

In a scene utterly devoid of all-ages gigs, local art space Good Jelly emerged recently as a legitimate, welcoming venue that was – seemingly – set for a long and successful stint as part of the Wollongong music scene. However, after a one-off complaint from a local nightspot, the Globe Lane gallery space has been slapped with a large fine and banned from hosting further events.

Good Jelly runs at little profit, and the scale of the fine (which we will not disclose publicly) is a massive blow to any such community-focused venture, especially one a fine that has resulted from seemingly innocuous activity.

There are several fundraising ventures in the works to assist in payment of the fine, so stay tuned for news of these. For instance, the hardcore show at Unanderra Community Centre on Sunday will be hosting a bake sale to raise funds, as well as a donation jar. However, if you would like to donate directly, you can check out Good Jelly’s Bigcartel site, where a donation page has been set up. Even donations as small as $5 go a way to helping pay this fine. While you’re there, you can also check out the art and craft on sale, all locally produced by independent artists.

Good Jelly has been nominated for an i98 Local Hero Of The Year, and a Blogster Of The Year award, which is a bit of an explanation of how well-respected the venture is on a wider scale, not just within the Wollongong community.

Help out a venture that is looking to help the local community.


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