Young hardcore dudes Cold Youth have been together for only a matter of months, but have already established themselves as one of the region’s most prominent and popular punk bands. Racking up shows and miles in the van up and down the coast, they’ve been pretty relentless in their playing schedule already. Organising the majority of their own shows, the DIY attitude has seen them win loads of fans and shows alongside Idylls, Coma Lies, Vices, Lo! and Graves, from Newcastle to Huskisson and beyond.

We got together with frontman Tim Waters to wax lyrical about their touring attitude, all ages shows, and supporting influential UK band Basement next month.

How long have Cold Youth been together?
Cold Youth have been a band since November 2011. We added Mitch to our line up who plays second guitar.

What are your influences?
Dead Swans, More Than Life, Have Heart, The Carrier, Killing The Dream, Verse, Turning Point just to name a few bands.

Recently you have been on a spate of statewide shows with lots of different friends. Can you explain how you managed to organise so many shows and fit them into everyone’s timetables?
These friends are pretty much all new as we’ve been approached by them or we’ve approached them and gain connections through given opportunities through playing other people’s home towns and bring them to ours. Usually if you help someone out they are going to be more inclined to return the favour. For example, we are super close with the three bands we had the pleasure of playing the HMWRKRS tour with, Clipped Wings, Perspectives and Snakepit because it was literally playing in each bands backyard plus Newcastle. This is usually the main reason we get shows because you have to be in it to win it, right? Everyone has their own commitments but we fit it around that by organising shows in advance and taking time off work.

Is that “play anywhere anytime” attitude something you specifically set out with? Or has that developed since starting?
As long as we can get the time off and everyone is available physically and financially we will pretty much play wherever we can because it’s all really good exposure. The further we have played from home the more friends we are making and we enjoy new adventures with these people. I guess we’ve set out with this intention and it seems to be working as we’ve seen a number of new places.

What do you believe to be the reasons why you’ve gathered such a strong sense of support for your band?
The majority of us have been going to shows for a number of years previously. This means that we’ve known a bunch of people and our friends have supported us from the start. Along with this, we have been networking and gaining support through a number of music blogspots and things similar.

Cold Youth has played a vital role in the expanding hardcore scene in Wollongong by organising a bunch of local shows. How do you think other people can help to further improve the local music scene?
From the start of this band I (Tim) have wanted to just play our music to whoever we can and to organise shows so I can see bands regularly. Sometimes it’s hard to participate for a number of reasons but the way I see it, anyone can book shows. It’s literally the easiest thing ever and people have started to really support the movement once again (click here for pictures from the last Good Jelly show).

Where do you see the Wollongong hardcore/punk scene right now?
With the decline of Strike Hard Bookings a while back there was an extreme down turn in the number of shows with only (rarely) bigger bands like Confession booking shows at halls that weren’t viable for kids in the scene to book for local bands. This has been rectified with an incline in interest and venues seemed to be opening up in a number of different areas. There were AA shows coming out of Good Jelly which is literally all we needed but now it’s closed down and we are back to square one. There is still interest but it needs to be backed by the individual for the greater good.

Favourite local bands?
Graves, Mowgli, Break A Leg and Directions.

Favorite moments or shows during your time together?
A while back on the HMWRKRS tour we played a show in Newcastle at a place called “the Ghetto shack”. There is no real explanation possible but let’s just say it was the most dangerous/fun thing we have ever been a part of. After meeting and making a whole lot of new friends we played last weekend in Sydney at Jura Books. This was a super cool vibe because it was a book store and had most of our Sydney friends there whilst everyone were enjoying themselves.

Future plans for the band? New release, upcoming shows?
We are playing soon with Basement from the UK. Hopefully just play a large number of shows, announce some big tours with interstate bands (which are confirmed) and keep writing new material.

Cold Youth support Basement (UK) and Endless Heights at Yours & Owls on July 2. Grab their ‘Wanderer’ EP on Bandcamp.


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