Yours & Owls announce more details of Town Hall launch gig

With the launch of the new music venue at Town Hall just days away, the crew at Yours & Owls have announced some final interesting details for the evening.

After confirming the music lineup – Graveyard Train, Mother & Son, The Jackals and Rocking Horse and The Baby Dolls – last month, Owls have confirmed that artists Matthew Loft (‘Hot Lobes’) and Mike Gardiner of Buzzy Republic will be providing “interactive & collaborative works via digital projections” on the evening.

In addition to editing and live mixing video of the performances, the artists will also be offering a smartphone-enabled performance. As Owls explain, “punters with smartphones will be asked to download a special app before the show & can use it to alter what is going with the light display. For example, the more chaotically the audience is interacting with new app, the more chaotic the display will be.”

Owls promise it to be an “evening of sensory overload using each stimuli to compliment one another and improve the overall atmosphere of the evening, like no other rock n roll show Wollongong has ever seen.”

Check out more info here.


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