Redback Music to close next month

Wollongong will soon lose another independent music outlet, with news that Redback Music will shut up shop next month.

The Illawarra Mercury reports that the retailer, a fixture in the Crown St Mall for over 20 years, will close up on July 13, citing rising costs and slowing business as factors.

“We’ve had to expand in other areas and sell books, guitars and sheet music and lots of different things but unfortunately it’s not worth it [financially] any more,” said manager Melissa Letham.

Since opening in 1988, Redback established itself as one of Wollongong’s best independent music retailers. Its impending closure signals the death of yet another of the region’s few independent music stores.


One Response to Redback Music to close next month

  1. Debbie Harry says:

    Well, shit. This blows. So it’s Music Farmers and that’s it when it comes to independent record stores in Wollongong. What a crock of shit. I like JB as much as the next guy, but bullying another store out of business is just awful.

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