REVIEW: Hand Of Mercy, Hearts Like Wolves, Graves @ Cut Throat

Words by Sally McMullen

With heavy hitters Hand Of Mercy, supported by Graves, Hearts Like Wolves and One Night in Paris on the bill, last Wednesday night proved to be one of Cut Throat’s most anticipated gigs to date. And for good reason. As the fate of future bands banked on the success of the gig, the Cut Throat team waited with bated breath to see if Wollongong hardcore fans would deliver.

By the time One Night in Paris began their set, a large crowd of people had already dawdled into Platform 3, waiting on the outskirts of the floor for the set to begin. As fog began to circle around the band’s ankles, the room was filled with the electronic infused hardcore sounds. As the lead singer bounded around, singing in people’s faces and the bassist slid down the stripper pole whilst continuing to play, the group brought immediate energy to the gig. With a good contrast of screamo vocals and melodic back-up, One Night in Paris made for a good choice to get the crowd fired up.

Once Graves began their set, the floor was packed, proving that they were one of the obvious draw cards for the night. As the sets descended into heavy breakdowns, the guitarists and bassist dooming in sync and the drummer pounding his arms with ease and puncturing the air with violent bass drops, it was clear that Graves were extremely tight live. Taking influence from metal bands such as The Acacia Strain and Whitechapel, this five-piece act are proof that Wollongong hardcore still has potential.

Next up were Sydney-based band Hearts Like Wolves. From the get go, vocalist Daniel Soria was pumped, jumping around the floor and yelling out for the crowd to get involved. Once the band crashed into their mosh-core sound, the floor was immediately full of kick-flipping moshers. Daniel’s heavy growl echoed over the instruments and was impossible to ignore. Despite the outbreak of a small biff in the mosh, the bad energy was promptly squashed by the driving drum-beats and chugging riffs causing the crowd to forget all about the incident within seconds.

Although it was well past the bed-time of Wollongong night life on a Wednesday, the crowd were jittering with anticipation as they waited for one of Sydney’s most acclaimed hardcore bands to appear. Hand Of Mercy’s set was bursting with raw energy, lead vocalist Scott bounding around the room with seemingly endless vigour. The only down-side was a slightly muffled mic which made it difficult to hear Scott’s vocals over the aggressive instrumentals. This was barely noticed by the crowd though, who were begging for an encore by the time the set came to an end to which Hand Of Mercy kindly obliged.

Wednesday night was an impressive display of both local and out of town hardcore talent, something that the Wollongong scene has been missing of late. As the sole purpose of Cut Throat is to provide the south coast with a venue to support the local hardcore movement, it would have been good to see a larger turn-out. Regardless, there is no doubt that Cut Throat delivered an awesome show and we can only hope that with more hardcore gigs on the cards, they continue to do so.


One Response to REVIEW: Hand Of Mercy, Hearts Like Wolves, Graves @ Cut Throat

  1. Cathi Duff says:

    Whoo Hoo…the words make me feel like I was there!!! Definitely saving this website in my bookmarks xxx

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