GIG GUIDE: May 28 – June 3

Paisley Park, The FireTree, Beaten Bodies @ Owls

Hand of Mercy, Hearts Like Wolves, Graves & One Night in Paris @ Cut Throat (Platform 3)

End of Session 90’s Party: S-Club, Big Brovaz, Booty Luv, Mr ’95 @ Unibar

Liz Martin, Jacqueline Amidy, Southerly Change @ Owls

Lovers Jump Creek, Vulpes Vulpes, Atticus @ Dicey Riley’s

I Am Duckeye, Mung & Lint @ Yours & Owls

Boy & Bear @ Waves Nightclub

Anti Flag, Strike Anywhere, The Flatliners @ Unibar

Justin Frews Loose Intentions, Conway Savage, Simon Day @ Owls

Funkhouse, Le Tour De Funk, BowTie @ The Builders Club

Mowgli, None But The Brave, Cold Youth, How To Survive A Bull Fight, Lo! @ Owls


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