SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Guilty Pleasures

It’s only been available in Australia for two days, but I’m prepared to unequivocally state that Spotify is the best thing to ever happen to the world in the history of planet Earth.

In case you didn’t know, Spotify is a service where you can stream unlimited music for free, forever. Think of a song, any song – you can probably stream it free on Spotify. It’s pretty unreal. I’ve been using it for two days straight, and besides an occasional annoying ad pop-up, it’s flawless.

In that vein, Radar will be sharing a weekly Spotify playlist with you all. It likely won’t have much of a local focus, because there AREN’T any local bands on Spotify – it’ll just be cool/fun/interesting/funny stuff we like, and want to share.

Here’s the first one in (hopefully) a long line of playlists. It’s titled ‘Guilty Pleasures,’ and once you check out the tracklisting, you’ll see why. Hope you like early 2000s chick-led pop-punk, bad sugary r’n’b and modern commercial trash-pop.

…sorry in advance.

If you haven’t got it yet, you can download Spotify for exactly zero dollars RIGHT HERE, YOU GUYS

Got an idea for a playlist? “Best party tunes,” “break-up songs,” “psyche-up tracks,” that sorta thing? let us know! email


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