Yours & Owls launch new CBD venue at Town Hall

In massive news for the local music community, the team behind Yours & Owls have announced that they will soon launch a second venue in the CBD – the newly renovated (and rarely utilised) Wollongong Town Hall.

“In response to the Wollongong CBD’s outcry for a middle-sized live music venue, Yours & Owls have teamed up with the Wollongong City Town Hall to launch just that,” said the team from Owls, adding that the new venue – directly opposite their existing location on Kembla St, Wollongong – will “bring a new light & energy to the city’s cultural nightlife.”

June 16 will see the venue officially launch, with a gig featuring Graveyard Train, Mother & Son, Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls and more to be announced (see here for more details).

Owls owner and booker, Ben Tillman, told Radar that the capacity for the Town Hall is around 300, making it the medium-sized venue that the CBD has been crying out for. Despite having local top quality rooms in The Patch and Waves Nightclub, their location outside the CBD – coupled with less than optimal public transport options – make these venues difficult for many punters to attend. These problems have been highlighted by sometimes disappointing attendance at local gigs at these venues, a problem Radar has been highlighting for some time. With the introduction of this new venue in central Wollongong, within walking distance of regular public transport and other local landmarks, it may begin to fill the hole left after the loss of similar-sized CBD music venues such as The Harp and Oxford Tavern.

Tillman has said that Owls will be looking to use the Town Hall regularly, so keep an eye on Radar for more news about this new location. You can get more info on the launch night by clicking here.


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