REVIEW: Bleeding Knees Club, Dune Rats, Sures @ The Patch

(See our photo gallery from the show here)

Creating lots of noise since the release of their 2010 Virginity EP, Bleeding Knees Club are becoming somewhat of an iconic Australian dude tribute to 50s surf rock. With the recent release of their debut LP, Nothing to Do, a collection of individuals with unwashed hair, head-bopping tendencies and hipster clothes filled the Patch on Saturday night to energetically bounce to the upbeat anthems produced by the Gold Coast boys.

First up was Sydney band Sures, who charmed the initial early scragglers with their bubbly guitar riffs, quirky harmonies and an 80’s fluro windbreaker sported by the guitarist. A few die-hard fans (namely the next band, Dune Rats) graced the dance floor to pump out some interpretive break dancing (which looked a lot more like two grown males giggling and rolling around on the floor), while Sures did some serious foot-tapping on stage. Despite a few technical issues at the start of the set, the band powered on and this reviewer was converted by the ending notes of setcloser Stars.

Brisbane boys Dune Rats were next on stage, demanding full attention with energetic drum patterns and dynamic vocals. While the sound mixing left a little to be desired, their catchy lo-fi surf-pop tunes spoke for themselves. Featuring the drummer from The Cairos and the ex-bassist from The Vines, the boys themselves were charismatic and humorous performers, engaging with the crowd and dancing as enthusiastically as the two drunk females that had occupied the right corner near the stage. Hazy guitar lines, high-energy drumming and throbbing bass featured prominently; fans of The Drums, and The Vaccines should keep an eye out for this trio.

Finally, Bleeding Knees Club launched their anticipated set of upbeat, surf rock anthems. Very quickly, the boys from the Gold Coast transformed the Patch into a stage-diving, crowd-surfing extravaganza, with amateurs taking over the microphone while front man Alex Wall decided to dangle, monkey-like, from the ceiling.

The floor became a pit of shuffling girls and sweating males during Nothing to Do, with favourites Teenage Girls (“This song’s about being a paedophile”), Beach Slut, and raucous set closer Bad Guys turning the venue into a sea of flying limbs and dancing bodies.

For a relatively new band, BKC successfully managed to ensure that every member of the audience was tapping a foot or drumming their fingers before the set wrapped to a close. The boys have managed to write a winning combination of lyrically simple and melodically catchy songs, with sarcastic and relatable messages about girls, boys and “having sex with a bitch.”

Dune Rats returned to the stage to join with BKC for a final encore, which involved a lot of shouting, a lot of guitar and a little bit of upside-down piggy-backing. Overall, the bands performance left a very exhausted yet satisfied audience exiting the Patch, proving that there’s a lot more to come from these Gold Coast boys.


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