REVIEW: The Herd, Thundamentals, Alotta Presha @ Unibar

Words: Brendan Delavere
(Click here for our photo gallery from the show

It was the night before assessments were due, and the Uni bar was teeming with students and music fans alike; and the moment Alotta Presha took the stage, all worries of study and homework were left behind as the dance floor filled with people moving and shaking to the 8 piece’s fun time brand of reggae soaked blues. The rumbling bass lines, shrieking horn sections and soulful vocals had every booty shaking.

Storming the stage next came Sydney crew Thundamentals, but unlike opening act Alotta Presha, the audience took awhile to warm up to the hip hop crew. Mid way through the set the dance floor filled and teemed with people grooving to the twin lyrical attack of MC Jeswon and MC Tuka. Already gaining high rotation on Triple J with tracks like Paint The Town Red, Move It Up and The Mash, all were well received by the ever-swelling crowd.

At long last, headliners The Herd graced the stage. The eight piece collective amazingly managed to all fit on the small stage, belting out track after track of top-notch Aussie hip-hop. Burn Down The Parliament, 2020, The King Is Dead, 77% all had the floor sweaty and heaving, whilst the mash up of Starship Troopers and I Was Only 19 had every voice making themselves heard, more than once singing the wrong line to the amusement of the band.

MC’s Ozi Batla and Urthboy had the crowd eating out of the hands, whilst the soulful voice of Jane Tyrell held everyone in amazement. A dedication to Regurgitator through way of Scallops remixed with the Gurg’s Kong Foo Sing and the song that lives up to its name, Unpredictable was a fitting way to end the set. But ever the showmen, they returned for an encore of We Cant Hear You, tearing the roof off the Uni Bar and leaving everyone to remember they have assessments due before the long weekend.


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