REVIEW: Huchi Muchi (Chicks Who Love Guns + more) @ Good Jelly

By Amelia Caddy, 24/3/12
It’s official; Globe Lane is the new hotspot in town. The latest addition to the neighbourhood, Good Jelly, opened its doors to music last Saturday for the first time, with a night of post-punk, indie-rock and electronica put on by Huchi Muchi. The hole-in-the-wall exhibition space and gallery proved a more than capable venue, handling even the rebelliously rampant sounds of headliners, Chicks Who Love Guns, who played to a packed house.

With the night’s line-up dominated by indie-rock bands, the glitchy electronic vibes of producer Reactionary (aka Jake Walker) were a little out of place. Nevertheless, having built up a sturdy reputation in the region Reactionary had no problem filling the venue despite being the black sheep of the night. By far the highlight of his set was the neat mashup of video art projected behind him, which gave the whole performance a strangely ethereal feel. As Walker toiled through his simplistic, slinky sounds, mashed visuals of everyone from cartoon characters to explorers flashed across the screen, casting a frenetic light across the riveted faces of his audience.

Local rockers, Basil’s Kite, performed to a crowd of loyal fans. Though from the beginning they lacked the cohesion to make the performance a standout, they quickly got into the rhythm of things; giving the audience a great display of their usual energy that just can’t help but make you feel good. An extremely solid sax player (the young ‘Hodge’) plays a large part in this, his music giving the band its distinctive edge. And also, I mean, who can resist some nice strong sax?

My Little Underground got off to a slightly rocky start too with a broken foot pedal, but after a swift re-group they more than made up for it. Sounding a bit like the love child of Joy Division and Foals, they have an irresistibly catchy sound. Tight drumming, distinctive riffs, and having a singer that sounds like Matthew Murphy without the English accent, is an unbeatable combo. It should be interesting to see where these guys go.

If it’s in the same direction as Chicks Who Love Guns, they’ll be going pretty all right. The five piece Sydney band has shot to local stardom in the past couple of years; their ‘fuck the world’ attitude making them a controversial topic for reviewers who either seem to love them, or hate them. I love them. They somehow manage to produce songs that are so grungy and raw they make you want to quit your day job and down a bottle of bourbon. Lyrics like ‘Everyone I know, they tell me there’ll be others, but everyone I know’s a stupid motherfucker,’ from ‘Run People’ pretty much sum up the image they’re throwing out. But it was their cover of Tyler the Creators song ‘Yonkers’ that won over the audience tonight. The cover that’s gone viral sounds like they have collectively swallowed TTC’s words and vomited them back onto the dance floor, in the best way possible. You know you’ve got a winner when your entire audience sings word-for-word along with you.

See a gallery of pics from the night here (via Good Jelly)


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