REVIEW: The Getaway Plan, Gatherer @ Unibar

Thursday night saw the long awaited return of Melbourne alternative rockers The Getaway Plan to the Wollongong Unibar. Touring off the back of new album Requiem, excited punters arrived early, eager to catch the band in their first Wollongong show in years.

New Zealand band Gatherer warmed up the stage with a solid set. Their sound, traces of indie interweaved with a grunge type vibe made for a different approach but the unique sound is something that works in their favour. The band played well, but a slightly unresponsive audience was definitely saving their excitement for the headliners.

Opening with electric hit single ‘The Reckoning,’ The Getaway Plan were off to an explosive start.  Being quite a seasoned viewer of these guys and their live show, (8 times, but who’s counting?) they are easily one of the best Australian rock bands to catch live, frontman Matthew Wright displaying an incredible set of lungs with his high octave vocal range.

‘Phantoms’ and ‘Streetlight’ followed in quick succession, with the band then slowing things down to showcase new single ‘Move Along.’ One of the first songs previewed after the announcement of the band reuniting, the audience sang along happily word for word.

The highlight of the night was definitely the re-addition of ‘The New Year’ to the setlist. Notably on their last tour and Big Day Out shows, the band refrained from playing the popular track from their 2006 Hold Conversation EP and have been heavily criticised for this.  Opening and ending on guttural screaming vocals, this song was definitely a crowd pleaser – to put it basically, everyone lost their shit.

The only criticism from the night of great live music was The Getaway Plan seemingly had a lack of energy – understandable due to the relentless touring they have been doing since their reunion. However with crowd numbers lower than expected, the band’s lack of banter with the crowd didn’t do much to keep energy levels high and during some songs it seemed they were going through the paces rather than really enjoying the moment. The smaller crowd in itself was disappointing, considering the band hasn’t played a Wollongong show since before their demise in 2009.

Nevertheless, The Getaway Plan still put on a great show. Lead guitarist Clint is always entertaining to watch with his rhythmic jumping and bouncing around the stage and Matthew’s vocals are generally always pitch perfect. Ending on hit single ‘Where The City Meets The Sea,’ the band exited to applause and cheers from a satisfied Wollongong community.

(Click here to see our gallery of pics from the show)


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