REVIEW: The Blanks @ Unibar

A capella isn’t something that everyone can pull off. It’s a beautiful art that allows the most natural music that we can find to be projected into a room of those who appreciate it. It has an air of sophistication and the feel of the elite upper-class.
Unless you are The Blanks.

Rising to fame with being featured in a huge eight seasons of Scrubs, The Blanks – more well known as ‘Ted’s Band’ – incorporates comedy, dance moves and guest singers to compliment their incredible voices and keep the crowd in hysterics.

Coming onstage fashionably late, Ted (who’s real name is Sam Lloyd) and his boys, had their voices in perfect pitch from their first note. With a couple of songs assisted by a lovely ukelele and the voices of the crowd, The Blanks powered through over an hour’s worth of tunes ranging from TV themes, popular songs and jingles that almost flew above the heads of the young-adult crowd. We probably wouldn’t really know the Charles In Charge theme if it wasn’t for these guys.

The band filled time between songs with basic comedy skits – which had the punters in stitches from the purely dad joke-esque style – and hilarious plugs of their own merchandise and cds. In accompaniment to these gems of simple comedy, the band hit all their vocal notes with ease, which brings that professional level of music knowledge and tonal range to the table.

One of the standout performances of the night was a song of theirs that incorporated an action figure of Commander Chip Hazard (remember him from Small Soldiers?!) providing extra vocals that the band worked with excellently.

The Blanks have an amazing stage presence, probably even more so than bands that actually have instruments, and their characteristics from Scrubs are even more special in the flesh. They kept the crowd moving and laughing and singing, helping us forget that we have assignments due and reality to go back to.

Words by Courtney Fry


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