Sydney psych-pop outfit No Art are playing the second Radar Illawarra gig at Yours & Owls this Sunday (see info here), and will be launching their new EP ‘Exotica.’ Vivian from the band took the time to answer a couple of quick introductory questions, to give you a bit of info about the trio before the show.

How did the band start? How long has No Art been together?
The band started in 2009 – initially it was just Trish and I, jamming in her attic bedroom, but we found that guitar and bass was pretty limiting! Ha. So we decided to add a third person into the mix. Luckily we met our drummer Charles, and as soon as the three of us started working together it all fell into place.

What are some of your main influences?
Between the three of us we have quite different tastes in music. I guess to be broad we’re partial to a bit of no wave, shoegaze, John Frusciante (up to you to guess which one of us likes him!)…anything from Can to ESG to Nancy Sinatra. I wouldn’t say we consciously try to incorporate anyone’s sound into No Art’s mix; when we write we do it moreso on feel than trying to emulate any one specific act or genre.

How would you describe your music?
That’s a hard one! I think the best way for you to get an idea though is to have a listen for yourself:

Tell us a bit about the EP. How long have you been working on it, and where & when did you record?
Well ‘Exotica’ has been a long time coming – it had kind of been ready to go for a year or so previously, but we had to sit on it, for various reasons. I think that it worked out for the best though, as in the interim we were able to tour more, and in that the songs were able to breathe and evolve in a live setting.
We tracked the drums in a studio in Western Sydney, and the rest we laid down in patches in our rehearsal studio/space – because of this we were able to take our time with it, which was a nice luxury.

What can we expect from the EP?
A lot of people have called it a journey of sorts, which I think is fair. We consciously tried to capture feelings of ritual and ceremony, as well as those untamed, unpredictable aspects of nature and environment, that primitiveness. There are passages of more classic song arrangements, as well as some moodier instrumental moments, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag that way.

What can we expect from your live show?
Well for this EP tour we’ve created a projection incorporating found footage that we’ve pieced together, that will play as we do (our video for ‘Epica’ is a pretty good preview). Beyond that I guess we get pretty loud!

No Art play Yours & Owls on Sunday, with My Little Underground and Elliphant. Doors at 6.30pm, $5 entry. Click here for the Facebook event.


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