One Year of Radar + an announcement…

So, today marks one whooole year since Radar Illawarra started. It began as a uni project, and somehow it’s grown to be this thing that people actually read and use and like, which still blows me away.

The first proper article on Radar was this one about Leadfinger, and since then we’ve posted 389 articles (390, including this one); published interviews with big Australian acts Art vs Science, Papa vs Pretty, Gossling, The Vines, Hunting Grounds, Gold Fields and Emperors; amassed a team of around a dozen contributors, reviewers and photographers; and really, seen the local music scene in Wollongong explode in the space of just a few short months.

The simple fact is that there were very little means for local musicians to gain attention before Radar  – we have no local street presses, only small portions of community radio are devoted to local music, and local newspapers aren’t very interested. I hope that Radar Illawarra has provided some means and avenue for local music fans to find out about all the amazing talent we have in this area. I had hoped that maybe Radar Illawarra might have spurred others on to start their own similar ventures (street presses, magazines, blogs) but sadly, there still isn’t anything really comparable out there.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has assisted, contributed to, and followed Radar Illawarra over the past year; in particular, Ben from Yours & Owls, Jeb from Music Farmers and The Patch, Nathan at Unibar, Kuz from Soundbreak, Adam at Main Street Studios, and any person who has read an article, shared the page with their friends, sent in a news tip, or offered up any help at all. It’s pretty incredible that people actually use this as a resource, and I’m absolutely stoked if Radar Illawarra has helped the local scene even one tiny bit.

I’d also like to announce that Radar Illawarra probably won’t be continuing much longer. I’ll be going to the USA in July for six months, and won’t be able to maintain the site from there.

I really don’t want the site to go to waste or just fade away, so I’m putting the call out; if there is anyone out there who thinks they could take over Radar Illawarra in my absence, send me an email at It would be ideal for any aspiring writers, reviewers or journalists out there.

In the meantime, make sure to keep tuned to Radar Illawarra for news, reviews, interviews and photography from the region’s burgeoning local music scene!


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