REVIEW: Endeavours (EP launch) @ Music Farmers

On what was probably the most sweltering Saturday of the year so far, local emotive hardcore band Endeavours propped themselves up on milk crates and launched their new EP The Loved Ones – acoustic style.

Many wondered if a hardcore band could pull off an acoustic set, and in many ways they managed. Even sitting down, vocalist Maurice Santiago was able to deliver with both passion and conviction. The only minor hang up was that the drums were replaced with a wooden stool which stilted the songs slightly.

Despite the occasional lack of cohesion the band performed well and though the date clashed with Soundwave, they still had a decent turn out of fans. As well as their new EP, Endeavours performed two songs from their demo and three covers. Their new music shows a slight change in genre; the guitar riffs are more refined, the lyrics themed with the notion of the ‘perception of yourself and others’ perceptions of you’.

The only song from the demo included on The Loved Ones is The Lives We Built. Hardcopies of the T-shirts were sold as well as CDs in handmade cases.

The gig’s ‘laid-back arvo’ atmosphere was a nice way to see an alternate side of the band, who can also put on a good show in true hardcore style. Both Music Farmers and Endeavours HC should be congratulated for the free all-ages gig, a rare encouragement for youth to be involved in the Wollongong music scene.

Words by Miss T. Cleese


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