NEW STUFF: Elliphànt

I’ve heard the name Elliphànt around a little bit recently, on gig posters and whatnot. It’s a one-man electronic project for Elliott Hitchcock, who is apparently from Foxground. After he added me on Facebook, I came across the Elliphànt band page online, and thought I may as well give it a listen.

Woah, that was definitely a good decision.

There’s only three tracks up on the Facebook page, two remixes – one of Kanye West’s ‘Power,’ and ‘Brother’ by Matt Corby – and one original, but it’s pretty amazing stuff that really has no parallels in Wollongong right now. The one original track, ‘Gentlemen Mallet,’ is a bubbly, serene, minimalist electronica, it really reminds me of guys like SBTRKT, Jamie xx and Little Dragon. An odd 80s hip-hop style beat drops in around a third of the way into the song, before it goes back into reverb-heavy, dreamy electronics again… then back into the hip-hop beat.

There’s a bunch of electronic producers doing the rounds in the Illawarra now, but Elliphànt really stands out in that it’s a calmer, simmering type of electro, rather than big pounding beats. The Matt Corby remix is a real special track.

Take a listen at Elliphànt’s Facebook page now. Hes’s also playing live at Yours & Owls on March 23 with Sleepmakeswaves and Siren Lines.


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