REVIEW: Faye Blais, Nicole Brophy, Kay Proudlove @ Dicey Riley’s

Thursday night saw a smattering of locals fill Dicey Riley’s to engage in what became an accidental ‘Girls night in’, with locals Kay Proudlove and Nicole Brophy supporting Canadian guest Faye Blais.

Opening the night with a quirky song about love (encouraging the crowd to “…to pull your lover close, or pull someone close to be your lover”), Proudlove set the tone for the night with a demanding stage presence and outstanding vocals. Playing a range of songs from her upcoming EP, the Illawarra local captivated the audience with her strong vocals, catchy tunes and confident exterior appealing to the chilled atmosphere.

Next was Nicole Brophy, bringing with her a loyal legion of fans who, to their credit, managed to populate half of the venue. Topped off with the inclusion of a kazoo that accidentally slipped down her top, Brophy (previously of South Coast rock band Dirty Lucy) permeated a self-described “hard and heavy straight up” style that commanded our attention and gave edgier undertones to the performance. Brophy left the stage with promises of writing “newer and happier music” in the future, before giving a haughty laugh and adding “not.”

Finally Canadian Faye Blais strolled on stage and introduced herself to a solid audience, in all her dreadlocked glory. While her set was incredibly relaxed (‘Sleepy Hollow’ may well have been describing the overall atmosphere of Dicey’s), Blais’ hauntingly beautiful voice filled every corner of the venue, while also receiving whistles and cheers from the friendly drunks that had occupied the back corner of the bar.

Starting the set with a few old favourites (‘Pieces’, ‘Canvas’ and ‘When She Was’), Blais invited Jungal’s Leisha Jungalwalla up to perform a collection of newer pieces (‘Winter’, ‘The Way I Love You’) that have just been recorded for her upcoming album ‘On the Bright Side’. The evening ended with a joyous sing-a-long of Janis Joplin’s ‘Take Another Little Piece of My Heart’ with the remaining audience, clapping and hooting along whole-heartedly.

After witnessing the transformation of Dicey Riley’s from a quiet and reserved gathering of quirky music lovers into a happy family sing-a-long, this
reviewer certainly intends to keep an eye peeled for what the Canadian dreadlocked crooner comes up with next.

By Alyce Wearne


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