EXCLUSIVE: first Main Street Studios “TV Tunes” recording

Main Street Studios are embarking on a novel quest in 2012, encouraging local bands to learn, perform and record classic TV theme songs.

Titled “Wollongong Music Scene vs. TV Tunes,” the project gives local bands a free recording session at Main Street. Radar is proud to announce that we will be premiering a bunch of these theme tunes over coming weeks and months, with the first one released today!

“Main Street Studios’ project through 2012 is to record as many bands doing TV themes as possible,” said Adam Jordan from Main Street.

“And here is the first!”

Local band Blood Guts & Firetrucks are first cab off the rank, with a rock’n’roll take on the theme from classic kids TV show, Sesame Street (listen below).

A bunch of local bands have already signed on for the project, with tunes to come from Tommy M & The Mastersounds, The Conspiracy Plan, The Penny, Jack Reilly & Bec Sandridge, and Avaine.

Keep an eye on the TV Tunes Facebook page, and Radar Illawarra, for more tunes in coming weeks!


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