ANNOUNCING: The 2011 Radar Illawarra Music Awards!

It’s been a massive year for music in Wollongong. We’ve had new venues like Yours and Owls really take off, and older ones like The Patch re-igniting their dedication to live music; new regular band nights like Dicey Riley’s ‘Live & Local,’ and ‘Thursdays @ Sol,’ giving bands a regular place to play; and a whole host of local bands establish themselves as top-class acts.

To celebrate the end of a great year for local music, and also partly to mark the first year of Radar Illawarra’s existence, we’re pleased to announce the inaugural Radar Illawarra Music Awards! We’ll be taking stock of 2011, to find the best parts of local music from the year that was. From best record to best video clip, best gig to best touring act, the RMAs will reflect the output of the Wollongong music scene in 2011.

It will be a publicly voted award, so we’re asking you – yes, YOU – to get involved! Take a look at the categories below, and nominate your favourite for the RIMA in that category. We’ve provided a shortlist of nominees, but feel free to nominate anyone/anything you would like to. You can vote in any or all of the categories; just let us know what you think! Repeat: you can vote for ANYONE!

We’ll be putting up some sort of online voting system or poll in coming days; but for the time being, send your picks to Voting is open NOW, and will close on December 10th, so you’ve got a little under two weeks to get your votes in.

The winners will be announced at a special event to be held on December 17 at the Patch; Tommy M & The Mastersounds, Places People and Vulpes Vulpes will be playing on the night. Click here for more info.

So, take a look at the categories below, send in your votes, and help the inaugural RIMAs to be a success!

(the artists/releases/gigs below are just examples; you can vote for ANY artist, gig or release from 2011!)

Totally Unicorn
Mother & Son
The Walking Who
Alotta Presha
Tommy M & The Mastersounds
The Bungalows
Sydney Girls Choir
Rocking Horse
Vanguard Party

Places, People
Bennie James
Moonbase Commander
Bec Sandridge
Jack R Reilly
Dane Overton
Obscura Hail
Leo J

Totally Unicorn
Tommy M & The Mastersounds
Mother & Son
Sydney Girls Choir
Mary Jane Kelly
The Conspiracy Plan
Alotta Presha
Rocking Horse
The Walking Who

BEST RELEASE (EP or album)
The Walking Who – Candy Flu
Mother & Son – Mother & Son
Alotta Presha – EP
Tommy M & The Mastersounds – Pineapple
Sydney Girls Choir – EP
Moonbase Commander – Quartz
Blackbear – Demo
Dane Overton – EP
Kaleidoscope – EP
Leadfinger – We Make The Music
The Bungalows – Monkey Mountain Road
Critics – To The Beat Of The Drunk
Places, People – Hid & Hunted
My Little Underground – EP
Jenny Broke The Window – Another Summer
Yetis – Lightmares

Sydney Girls Choir – L.A
Totally Unicorn – Cool Dads With Cool Sons
Good God Damned – Minister’s Daughter
Bennie James – We All Keep On Marching
pom pom – Your Little Flower
Jenny Broke The Window – Beck and Call
The Conspiracy Plan – Dangerous
Lord – Forever
Critics – Wither & Die

BEST TOURING ACT (i.e. best gig from a non-local band)
Oh Sleeper/The Chariot @ Harp Hotel
Man Overboard @ The Patch
The Jezabels @ Unibar
Jinja Safari @ Unibar
Art vs Science @ Waves
Parkway Drive @ WIN Entertainment Centre
Tonight Alive @ CBD Bar
Boy & Bear @ Unibar
The Vines @ Unibar



4 Responses to ANNOUNCING: The 2011 Radar Illawarra Music Awards!

  1. Jai says:

    My Little Underground should definitely be in both, best live act and best local band categories.

    • Josh Butler says:

      Hey Jai, you can vote for whoever you want! The acts listed are just examples; you can vote for ANYONE, in any category, as long as they did something in 2011. Vote for MLU if you want!

  2. Dale says:

    Young Braves (The gong’s best rock voice, a rockstar lead guitarist and a real talent for song writing)

    Vulpes Vulpes (Red hot band with every member bringing something to the table, infectious)

    BEST RELEASE (EP or album)
    Sydney Girls Choir EP (Forget local this is one of the best aussie releases of the year)

    Pom Pom -Your Little Flower (Dirty and grungy but artistic and feminine, perfect yin yang)

    Young Braves @ Yours And Owls (had a point to prove and delivered a set that left no doubt as to their potential)

    BEST TOURING ACT (i.e. best gig from a non-local band)
    Architecture In Helsinki@ Unibar (A live show you just have to see, who needs drugs when you have these guys)

    Loved and supported many other bands throughout the year but being very selective three others of note –

    The Daltons Gang Last Raid who just have a freshness and likability about them.

    From This Day Forward who brought and energy to Dicey’s that has yet to be matched.

    BraMaJo a young trio from Ulladalla whose lead singer Brad Colley is a star on the rise, talent, angst and swagger.


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