The Black Keys in Wollongong!

The Black Keys are coming to Wollongong!

Well, sort of.

Kind of.

OK, not really.

Not at all. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

But some Black Keys excitement will be heading our way in December, in an odd bit of promotion for the band’s new album, ‘El Camino.’

A van, similar to the one on the cover of the album, will be “touring” Australia on ‘the El Camino trek,’ giving fans the chance to hear the new album ahead of its release. The van will be travelling the east coast in November and December, visiting record stores along the way and allowing fans to listen to the record and buy Black Keys merch.

Redback Music in Wollongong will host the car/listening party/whatever on December 1st at 5pm. Get along if you want to see what will be the closest thing to a Black Keys tour date in Wollongong.


2 Responses to The Black Keys in Wollongong!

  1. Sam Porter says:

    What the hell. This was the advertising equivalent of a bait n switch. You can do better Radar

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