Want to be in Pom Pom’s new video?

Pom Pom will be filming their next film clip in Wollongong next week, and they want YOU to be involved!

Pom Pom, formerly of Wollongong but now based in Melbourne, will be returning home next week for a gig at Yours and Owls (with Tainted Fist and Vulpes Vulpes), and will be shooting a new video next Monday (the 14th).

“The song is called ‘Midnight Child’ and a chunk of it will be filmed around the harbour,” Pom Pom posted on Facebook.

“It kind of explores ideas of being young and uninspired by whats around you. Disillusioned, but full of dreams and imagination. At this stage- looking to be filmed NEXT MONDAY late arvo/ early evening.”

Get in contact for more info! Pom Pom play Yours and Owls on the 17th of November, with Tainted Fist and Vulpes Vulpes in support. See below for Pom Pom’s most recent video, for ‘Your Little Flower.’


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