Stacked Music Festival announces second artist lineup

The first lineup for the inaugural Stacked Music Festival was announced on Radar last week, and now the second batch of artists set to play the January event has been released!

Tommy M & The Mastersounds
Jenny Broke The Window
 Young Braves
Vulpes Vulpes
Lost in Verona
The Omissions
The Watt Riot

These acts will join Alotta Presha, Clockwork 925, Common Grounds, The Maze, Round The Corner, Tokyo Spares and Yardvark for the all-local festival, to be held January 27-28 at City Diggers, Wollongong. Over 30 local bands are set to play across three stages on the two-day event.

Follow Stacked Music Festival on Facebook for all the latest details. Tickets go on sale November 14. Stay tuned to Radar next week for the final lineup announcement!

JANUARY 27-28, 2012

On sale November 14


5 Responses to Stacked Music Festival announces second artist lineup

  1. Dean says:

    Amazing lineup!!!
    I was hoping Tommy M and the Mastersounds were playing, I haven’t seen them since last week!!!

    • Evan Batkin says:

      I’m sorry if our music doesn’t thrill you. Stop being an ass, this is a great thing for all the local bands in the region to get together and have a jam and it’s a great thing for the community. Nobody is telling you to go, so if you don’t want to support young local guys then just stay home and be a lonely sod. We all do our best and i’m sorry if that leaves you under whelmed.

  2. Dean says:

    …just kidding, this thing is so average its not funny

    • Josh Butler says:

      sorry mate, unfortunately Kanye West and Coldplay had other commitments and were unavailable. I hear the organisers also tried to get U2, but they weren’t interested.

      …it’s a LOCAL music festival, you twat, what did you expect? It’s about local bands, giving them an opportunity to play on a festival with a festival atmosphere; giving local music fans a chance to see a bunch of great Wollongong acts on the same day, to come across some they might not have seen before.

      If you’re unhappy, you could always organise your own one. You might have better luck with U2 than Stacked did.

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