Thursdays @ Sol moves to Dicey Riley’s

The ‘Thursdays @ Sol’ band night has moved location again, finding a new home at Dicey Riley’s.

The weekly music evening, which began in June and was initially held at Sol Studios on Crown Street in Wollongong, was forced to move to Coniston’s Phoenix Theatre in September. The venture was ousted from the Phoenix last month due to noise complaints, but Thursdays @ Sol organisers have announced that Dicey Riley’s will be the new venue for the non-profit organisation.

“Dicey Riley’s, our neighbour of 4 years, has agreed to donate their space to run the Thursdays@SOL gigs,” Sol organiser Damion Stirling announced.

“SOL Illawarra INC., our non profit organisation, will manage bookings, sound and door for the night, with 100% of the takings being disseminated amongst the performers and to help Sol with the running costs such as sound, operator etc.”

Dicey Riley’s, coincidentally just a matter of metres from the original Sol Studios, will host the Thursday night gigs starting November 10th. Dicey’s will continue to host their ‘Live and Local’ nights on Fridays as well. Keep an eye on the Thursdays @ Sol Facebook page for the latest info, and see below for a list of upcoming gigs.

Nov 10 Grandmaster Monk (Newcastle), Blueberry Circuit and Well Paid Scientists.
Nov 17 Caravana Sun
Nov 24 Southerly Change
Dec 1, The Mystics


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