EXCLUSIVE: details on Feedback Scars album emerges

If you’ve been following Main Street Studios’ Facebook posts over recent months, you’ll have come across a number of cryptic photos and updates on a shadowy recording project titled ‘Feedback Scars.’ Not much has been revealed about the project, apart from the names of a few prominent local musicians who are contributing to the album.

Now, with the album set to be launched with a show at CBD Bar – alongside The Sidetracked Fiasco and Policing In Crisis – we’ve got some exclusive details on the personnel contributing to the Feedback Scars album; and it’s a pretty impressive list.

An absolutely massive and diverse array of prominent local musos have lent their skills to the recording, including members of The Conspiracy Plan, The Pennys, Free Agent Crew, Yardvark, Pom Pom and Mind At Large (see below for the full list).

Stay tuned in coming days for more on this project; Radar will be bringing you an exclusive interview with the mastermind behind Feedback Scars (hint: you be pretty surprised as to who it is!) as well as an exclusive stream of the first single from the album.

Again, Feedback Scars will be launching their album on October 29th at CBD Bar, as part of Adam Jordan’s birthday. Click here for full details.

Alex Barker – Conspiracy Plan, Free Agent Crew, Bennie James
Cory Blight – Over-Reactor, Dukes of Windsor
Scott Campbell – Crash Tragic
Rob Carr – Policing In Crisis, The Passenger Corridor
Joshua Craig – Bennie James Band
Ben Davies – The Pennys
Simon Grant – Free Agent Crew
Chris Harbin – 21st Century Happiness
Glen Hitchon – Yardvark
Atanas Janakovski – Mind At Large
Joshua Mclean – Yardvark
Pom Pom
Andrew Smetanin – Disco Is Dead, Mind At Large, Policing In Crisis
Shaun Snider – Free Agent Crew
Murray Stace – Policing in Crisis, Gynosaurs
Ben Szota – Bennie James
Brett Williams – Policing in Crisis, Cosby


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