Rewind Festival officially cancelled; refunds to come

The Rewind Festival has been officially cancelled.

In a post on the festival’s website, Rewind have advised customers to seek refunds from ticket outlets.

“REWIND CANCELLED!!!!!” read a short update.

“All tickets will be refunded, please contact your ticket agent to activate your refund, A full statement will be released later.”

Just in case you missed that one, “REWIND CANCELLED PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TICKET AGENT FOR A REFUND” is splashed across the middle of the page in giant yellow font.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the festival was cancelled, after the anger of ticketholders and emerging details of promoter incompetence (see below). Of sad note, however, is the fact that local bands Tommy M & The Mastersounds and Rocking Horse had been scheduled to play the festival, after taking out the top two spots in the UOW band competition earlier this year. As recently as yesterday, Tommy M & The Mastersounds had been assured by festival promoters that, even though the festival had moved to Sydney, they would still have the opportunity to play on the bill; with the cancellation, this is no longer to be.

It ends a sad few days for the formerly Wollongong-based festival, which on Thursday was initially moved to the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney due to a forecast of “heavy rains” which would make the Kembla Grange site unsuitable. More news emerged later in the day about the festival not securing the proper work permits for bands including The Human League, and rumours that poor ticket sales contributed to the move.

Friday saw the Department of Fair Trading step in, saying that tickets should be refunded; while it also emerged that Rewind had not even secured the necessary development application approval for the festival to even go ahead.


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