GALLERY: Smoke Or Fire, Pour Habit, The Conspiracy Plan, Totally Unicorn @ Waves Nightclub

Opening the nights proceedings like a bull in a china shop (an overweight, sweaty bull) were locals Totally Unicorn. For the next thirty minutes, chaos ensued; vocalist Drew made every piece of floor and furniture his own, before taking a flying leap off an amp stack and into the arms of Conspiracy Plan’s Glen Haworth. Slowly, punters made their way to floor to witness the antics, as well as some new tracks in Happy Birthday From The Over Pass and Kids In Suits, before closing with favourite, Cool Dads With Cool Sons.

Up next were pop-punkers The Conspiracy Plan, who had obviously raided their dress up box, as they strode on in all manner of crazy clothes. Opening with their latest single, Dangerous, it set the tone for a set of a fun times pop punk. Some in-between song banter about Totally Unicorn ended with Drew’s promise of “I’ll rape you later.” The Conspiracy Plan served up a big dose of well-known favourites in Cold Feet, Bombo Hill and the infectious Prick, before a mankini-clad finish.

As the first show of the tour, it was always going to be something special, so by the time Californian act Pour Habit took the stage, a sizeable crowd had formed on the floor. Opening with Institution, the maniac that is vocalist Chuck Green made good use of every square inch of stage and floor, running rampant amongst the crowd. The crowd loved it, going absolutely ballistic as they bumped off one another, with enthusiastic punters singing along to every word. The sharing of a man love moment with Drew from Totally Unicorn got hearts racing, before ending the ruckus that was their set with Bad Luck Drunk and an upside down Chuck Green.

In contrast to their tour mates, pop punk veterans Smoke Or Fire took things a little more seriously (but not to say that they weren’t there to have fun). Showcasing a number of a new tracks from their as-yet-unnamed upcoming album, some similarities can be drawn to that of Hot Water Music, considerably in Joe McMahon’s voice. Being their first show back in almost a year, their sound was a little rusty, but that soon cleared up, with Jeremy Cochran shredding on guitar during The Patty Hearst Syndrome and California’s Burning. The set-closing This Sinking Ship brought on a bit of a sing along, their DIY punk attitude is why these guys are still at the forefront of their game after more than a decade in the scene.

Words and photos by Brendan Delavere (Gaslight Photography), on 5/10/11 at Waves Nightclub.
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