Totally Unicorn announce ‘Totally Gay Dammit’ tour

Yep, Totally Unicorn are touring AGAIN.

It was seemingly just weeks ago that they finished up their ‘Backdoors and Blowouts’ tour (hang on, it WAS only a few weeks ago…), but the bearded bruisers of Totally Unicorn today announced their newest musical jaunt; though this time, it’s a little more than just hopping in the van and playing some random spots along the coast.

The ‘Totally Gay Dammit’ tour (apart from being the most bitchin’ tour name of the year) boasts a lineup consisting of Totally Unicorn, plus two of their favourite acts, in Gay Paris and God God Dammit Dammit (hence the name of the tour). The six-date tour, starting in late November and wrapping up in early December, is in support of the ‘Totally Gay Dammit EP,’ also officially announced today.

As always, Unicorn have come through for local fans, and will play a Wollongong show at The Patch on December 3.

According to Totally Unicorn’s blog, the EP will feature “a selection of originals and cover songs by these three groups,” with fans being told to “get ready for some surprises” in terms of the tracklisting.

Keep an eye on the band’s Facebooks for more info on the tour and the EP, and check out the tour dates below.

November 25 – The Basement 243, Brisbane
November 26 – Hamilton Station Hotel,  Newcastle
December 2 – Roxbury Hotel (Glebe), Sydney
December 3 – The Patch, Wollongong 
December 16 – Old Bar, Melbourne
December 17 – Producers Bar, Adelaide

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