Rewind Festival leaves Wollongong, moves to Sydney

It was probably only a matter of time, really….

In a move that – in hindsight – should surprise nobody, the much-hyped Rewind Festival will be downsized, and moved from Wollongong to Sydney.

In a statement released late last night, Rewind organisers stated that “…the infrastructure at the current venue would no longer be suitable given the current climatic conditions. Heavy rains have been forecast across the region over the next few weeks, and therefore the decision was made by the promoter to move the Festival to an indoor city location.”

The two-day camping festival, slated to take place at the specially-designed Bluescope Field in Kembla Grange, has been moved to a simple two-day event at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion.

Rewind Festival Director, Shane Sanderson, commented “it looks like heavy rains are likely to cause major problems so we had to make a decision.”

He continued, “with a substantial percentage of ticket holders coming from Sydney, I feel confident that moving the Rewind Festival to Sydney Hordern Pavilion is going to please most and ensure a successful event.”

“We sincerely apologize to the people who wanted to experience the Rewind Festival in all it’s outdoor glory, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this will now not be possible and we have been left with a very difficult decision to either not proceed at all which would be a great loss for everyone or find another venue at short notice.”

The festival lineup has been downsized, too – headliners including The Human League, Sister Sledge and Kool & The Gang are no longer on the bill.

Angry ticketholders have taken to the Rewind Festival Facebook page to vent their feelings on the changes, calling for refunds. One person said ” I am not willing to pay the money I did to sit in a chair for 10 hrs!!! Refund!” while others have raised concerns over non-refundable accommodation that has been booked in Wollongong.

UPDATE: Some fans have taken to the Facebook of the UK-based “80s Rewind Festival” (which the Australian version was based on) to express their anger; however, 80s Rewind stated that ” We are not happy about it either; Rewind in Australia is not the same organisation as in England and Scotland.” They also said that “The artists have not pulled out, they have been cancelled by the Australian promoter.”

Stay tuned later today for a more in-depth look into the festival cancellation.


3 Responses to Rewind Festival leaves Wollongong, moves to Sydney

  1. Tim says:

    Good Story. Yes we are annoyed! I for one am out of pocket on accomodation booked.

  2. Peter says:

    I can understand why the organisers would have been worried that heavy rain would wash out the event. What the Illawarra needs is a purpose built festival site – one with camping facilities, permanent concert areas and away from residents. If organisers knew an all weather event site existed in the Illawarra, they would have more confidence in planning for their festivals.

  3. Evan Batkin says:

    It’s bullshit.
    We won a spot to play at the festival from the UOW band comp and heard nothing back from them. I have sent many emails but to no avail.
    Will this mean we will lose our slot?
    I suppose so.

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