INTERVIEW: Art vs Science

Controversy; Jim Finn from Art vs Science reckons regional shows are more fun than their big city counterparts.

“Definitely! In the cities, crowds are bigger, but they get bands coming through all the time,” the vocalist/keyboardist says down the line from Toowoomba; it’s the second night of the Art vs Science ‘Feels Like Home’ regional tour, and the three-piece have just finished soundcheck, before a sold-out show in regional Queensland.

“Out in small towns, its a rarer opportunity for them to see a live band, so they are more appreciative for bands to come to them. They seem more excited, and really get into it; more than city crowds, I think!”

While music fans in Sydney, Melbourne and alike may protest this assertion, it’s pertinent to note that Finn is probably one of the best-placed Aussie musicians to make such claims. Since forming in 2008 as little more than a side-project, the electro-rock trio – completed by Dan Mac and Dan W – have rarely spent more than a month or two at a time off the road. Indeed, they’ve returned from a big US tour just days before the ‘Feels Like Home’ jaunt, and have already played a few shows as part of the JD Set tour, paying tribute to iconic Aussie act Icehouse.

“That was brilliant,” Finn gushes. Art vs Science were joined by a host of big-name Aussie guest singers, which Finn explains; “it was great to play with Kate Miller-Heidke and Patience [Hodgson, from The Grates] and Tim from Dappled Cities, they’re all incredible performers in their own way. And to play with Iva Davies from Icehouse was amazing; I think there’s footage of him with us, I’m just looking at my keyboard with this massive grin across my face!”

Midway through this tour, AvS will jump on a plane and play a short run of shows with Gossip in Malaysia, before finishing up their Aussie assault… then jumping on another plane for another stint in America.

“Touring is something you get used to; even something you miss doing,” Finn tells Radar.

“On the road, you miss your girlfriend and your friends and family… and then you’re home and you miss touring and you want to get out on the road again! You see the world, see amazing things and meet amazing people.”

For now, however, the band are focused squarely on their Aussie “homecoming” tour, as Jim puts it. After a big capital city tour earlier in the year to launch their debut album, ‘The Experiment,’ the band have been looking forward to getting out on the road less travelled, and bringing their hyperactive brand of dance rock to as many fans, in as many towns, as possible.

“It’s just great to be back touring Australia. We’re getting out to places we don’t normally go; I mean, I’ve never been to Toowoomba before, but the show tonight is sold out! I’m just keen to see a lot of smiling faces on this tour,” Jim says.

Eyebrows were raised when Perth-based blues-rock act Abbe May was announced as the tour’s main support act, but the band themselves specifically picked May to join them on the road. Big, crunching, stomping blues riffs mingling with sugar-high electro? Surely that’s an odd combo, right?

“I like to think that we’re sort of similar,” Finn says of the rationale behind the decision.

“Abbe May has those big dirty grooves, which is sort of similar to our music; big loud noises, big grooves… except that we’re more dance and she’s more bluesy, obviously!”

“Plus, we all think she’s awesome; so if we like her music, and people like our music, then people should like her music. That’s the triangle of music!” he laughs.

Art vs Science plays Waves Nightclub, Towradgi on Sunday October 2nd.
Tickets are on sale now, via Moshtix.


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