WATCH: Totally Unicorn, ‘Cool Dads With Cool Sons’

Fear not; Totally Unicorn‘s new video clip features far less nudity this time… but a few more g-strings and bikini tops.

Watch as the dudes throwdown on the beach (pretty standard fare for a hardcore band; just ask Parkway Drive), strip off, and head into the surf.

See how easy it is for Clancy to ride a jetski while playing guitar.

Learn how good Drew and Tim are at bodyboarding.

And educate yourself on the wonders of greenscreen technology. Give it a look below. Prepare for a lol-storm.

Totally Unicorn start their ‘Backdoors and Blowouts’ tour this weekend, playing Melbourne and Adelaide. They play Sydney’s Sandringham Hotel next Thursday (the 29th), before a hometown show at Yours & Owls on Friday the 30th. Tickets for the Owls show are available for pre-sale, but not many are left; you can grab a ticket over the counter at the shop anytime, for $15.


Totally Unicorn – Cool Dads with Cool Sons from Totally Unicorn on Vimeo.


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