Foreshore Sound Search: voting OPEN!

Remember a few weeks back when we brought you news on the Foreshore Sound Search competition, where local bands could join the likes of Gotye, Ladyhawke and – yes – LMFAO on the Foreshore Festival lineup?

Well, the round of voting has begun! Jump onto to vote for the act you want to see play on the Canberra festival in November. The bands with the most votes will play in the final at the Glasshouse (yep, the Glasshouse…. we didn’t see that one coming, either), vying for the chance to be the Wollongong representative on the festival lineup. So far, acts including Vanguard Party, Jack R Reilly, Lumiere, Kaleidoscope and Tommy M & The Mastersounds have all signed up, so you’ve got heaps to choose from.

Also, for any late stragglers, entries are still open – so if you haven’t signed up yet, you’ve got til Friday at 5pm to register. Check out Radar’s previous news post for more entry info.

Click right here to vote for your favourite act.




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