“Thursdays @ Sol” to shift to Phoenix Theatre, Coniston

Sad news emerging late last week, with Sol Studios being forced to cancel their popular, all-ages gigs due to rising rents and compliance issues. The studio space – located on Crown Street, Wollongong – opened as a venue for local musicians earlier this year, and established itself as one of very few places in the area to host all-ages performances.

However, the organisers behind Sol have announced that they will be moving operations – as well as all scheduled gigs – to the Phoenix Theatre in Coniston. Located next to the Coniston train station, Sol posted on their Facebook group that “Our gigs will be kicking off again on September 22 with the South Coast Blues Revue followed on Thursday the 29th with with Sticky Fingers,” as well as assuring bands that “all the gigs we have locked in for Sol are shifting to the Phoenix.”

This would probably be the bit where we talk about “Sol rising from the ashes as the Phoenix,” but that’d just be lame, right?

So, in summary; Thursdays @ Sol, moving to Phoenix, starting September 22, all gigs moved to Coniston. Easy? Easy.

Keep an eye on the Thursday @ Sol Facebook group for more info.


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