INTERVIEW: Sydney Girls Choir

It’s been a massive twelve months for Sydney Girls Choir, and they’ve seemingly got no plans of slowing down.

“It’s been crazy!” says frontman Andy Thomson. “The last year has been hectic.”

The band – originally known as ‘Super Friends’ – called themselves ‘Sydney Girls Choir’ because “we thought it would be the funniest name ever for a rock’n’roll band,” Thomson tells Radar. Kicking off in 2009, the four-piece rock’n’roll outfit took out first place in the UOW band comp final in 2010; they went on to win the NSW final of the National Campus Band Comp at the Manning Bar in Sydney, before finishing a close second at the national final in Perth. The boys haven’t rested on their laurels, however, using that success as a springboard to into 2011, as they’ve racked up festival appearances and support slots for the likes of Regurgitator, Children Collide, Little Red, Operator Please and Amy Meredith.

“Basically everything so far has been directly attributed to [the band comp]. One of the judges at UOW was Andrew McAlister, who runs a booking agency in Sydney, and he picked us up from there,” Thomson says.

“He got us on some good shows, he’s still giving us a hand to release our EP now.”

For their EP – recorded at Sydney’s Level 7 studios – Sydney Girls Choir worked with Anthony The, who has worked alongside the likes of The Vines and Wolfmother.

“For the week we were recording, Anthony was constantly getting calls from [Wolfmother frontman] Andrew Stockdale,” Thomson says of the recording process.

“We finished recording at about 1am on Sunday night, and the next night he flew out to Europe with them. So for him to come out and record our stuff, was awesome.”

The EP, Sydney Girls Choir’s debut, is out right now, and will be launched with a show at Rydges CBD Bar alongside Young Braves, on September 16; incidentally, the same night at the NSW final of the National Campus Band Comp at the Gaelic Theatre. Thomson has this advice for 2011 UOW winners, Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls; keep working.

“Rocking Horse were awesome at the final; the Baby Dolls especially, they were a really good touch. I suppose I would say to not rest; they’ve won this, don’t rest.”

“They should use the uni band comp as a stepping stone. I was stoked to play last year and not this year, because we couldn’t have won!”

With Sydney Girls also preparing to release their debut film clip, for track ‘LA’ – “the film clip is just us four dudes, just us, because we wanted to establish that we’re not actually a girls choir,” Thomson laughs – get ready to see a lot more of the band in coming months.

Sydney Girls Choir launch their debut EP on September 16 at Rydges CBD Bar, with Young Braves and Michael Alison in support. Click here for more info.


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