Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls win UOW Band comp

Wollongong rhythm & blues act, Rocking Horse & The Baby Dolls, were crowned winners of the UOW band comp on Thursday night, in front of a packed Unibar crowd.

After winning through to the final via the second-chance repechage round, Rocking Horse put in a tight, polished and hugely entertaining performance to take out the top prize – a $3000 recording package, courtesy of Main Street Studios.

Young funk/ska group Tommy M & The Mastersounds scored second place, while Avaine came in a close third.

“It feels great! The win was a bit unexpected,” said Rocking Horse guitarist, Robert Keys, before adding that the band have big plans to put their prize to good use.

“The recording package, that’s even better than winning,” Keys said. “We’re gonna finish off our EP, get a press kit and get a photo shoot done. That’s all really expensive, and we couldn’t afford that normally.”

“It’s a great day.”

Band comp judge Murray Stace, of Relative Silence productions and Main Street Studios, praised the cohesiveness and visual punch of Rocking Horse’s performance.

“Their performance was unique, and they’re hugely tight as a band; three backing singers isn’t something you see everyday!”

Rocking Horse now win through to the NSW final of the National Campus Band Comp, at Sydney’s Gaelic Theatre on September 16th. Stace said he had high hopes for Rocking Horse’s chances of continuing UOW’s recent success in the NCBC; last year’s UOW band comp winners, Sydney Girls Choir, won the state final and were crowned national runners-up in 2010.

“Rocking Horse have seven members; if each of them put in an extra ten percent in the final, that’ll put them up a whole new level. They’re young, and they’ve got so much potential.”

“It’ll be up to Wollongong fans, and friends and family, to hop on a party bus up to the Gaelic for the final.”

Keys was also confident his band could put in a strong showing at the final, but wasn’t giving away too much about any big plans for their performance.

“The girlsmight get some new dresses. Christie wants a big flowing red dress. and the girls will have some new dance moves!”

Stay tuned for Radar’s review of the band comp early next week. For more info on the NCBC state final, click here.


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