INTERVIEW: Tommy M & The Mastersounds


Tommy M and the Mastersounds have been finalists in just about every band competition across the Illawarra. With good reason. The eight young’ns are ripe with talent, and on the verge of being eaten by the masses with the release of their EP, ‘Pineapple’. As they reap the accolades and busily sow the seeds for their next harvest, the crew are set to release the canned funky goodness at the Rydges CBD Sports Bar this Saturday.

“You can expect to see pineapples, lots of pineapples. Smiles, dancing, pineapples, hawaiian shirts, palm trees, real palm trees… well maybe not, BUT there will be real pineapples! Did I mention pineapples?” With rumours of costumes and a specially painted pineapple guitar, the all ages gig is set to walk the dangerous fine line of full-native madness. “Dangerously fun! It’s going to be a very good afternoon with some of Wollongong’s great talent.”

But hey, why not go a bit crazy when it’s taken so long to get the EP realeased? “We recorded with the great Al Wright at 313 Studios in late January. So it’s taken us quite a while to get around to releasing this EP. We had so much fun recording all the tracks. From Jayden’s shredding guitar to Tommy’s funky bass and Josh’s slippery trombone, it’s quite a fun mixture!”

“We’ve always loved music you can get down to, so you can expect some ska and funk, and a jumpin’ reggae-ish track at the end. Some good solid bass (slapped for your pleasure); tight, punchy drums; there’s some hardcore shredding for the dudes who wanna go nuts, and some horn lines we promise you’ll be singing along to by the end of each track. We wanted to record an EP that you’d never take out of your car stereo.”

Even if you do give it a break you’ll still catch the guys being played on Triple J, or blasting out of some of the country’s best venues such as the Annandale Hotel. Their first spin on national radio was a memorable one, “I was up listening to Roots ‘n’ All, my favorite Triple J show since ever, and then I heard Sarah say our name. Oh lordy. I woke up my family and we all listened. I actually felt really nervous as I listened to it, knowing that people all over the world were listening.”

Not a bad effort considering five of the eight band members aren’t even legally allowed to vote or drink, an issue that although present (“the oldies” mostly take care of the stereo), the band takes in their funky-ass stride.

“Sometimes it’s tough having a mixed bag of minors and adults, but there are still fantastic venues around like the Youth Centre and Sol Studios in Wollongong, and of course the Annandale Hotel that give us a chance to do our thing. The pubs are still good about it, too, provided we get supervision for the little Babysounds. People like Kuz (a deadset champion on the local music scene) help out the young’ns when they can, so we usually do alright. It’s a good thing Illawarra bands have really healthy relationships with each other; without it, we’d be fighting like seagulls.”

There are some relationships that transcend the usual brotherhood or friends network for the band members. “We believe that we were all friends in our former lives as dolphins. We formed a pod and just used to swim around together and hang out.” Seriously though, none of it would be possible without that fabled of all guiding influences, a good teacher; “Merrin Ross is the great woman that brought us all together through school music activities like Southern Stars and the Illawarra South East Regional Performing Ensemble”.

So only one burning question remains: Who is Tommy M? “God, 1/8th of Tommy M and The Mastersounds, a bad-arse funky bass player, and my brother! Tommy M. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Haha, he’s a great musician with so much talent on the bass. We are so happy to have him in our band!”

Tommy M & The Mastersounds launch their ‘Pineapple’ EP on Saturday afternoon at Rydges CBD Bar, Wollongong.
Also playing are Rocking Horse, The Maze and Round The Corner.
The concert will run from 4-7pm; entry just a gold coin donation.
Under 18’s need to be signed in by an adult.


4 Responses to INTERVIEW: Tommy M & The Mastersounds

  1. GK says:

    Kristywandmaker is clearly a mighty fine interviewer to be able to encapsulate the fruit salad that is this band. Saturday at CBD will be massive!

    • TH says:

      This saturday,people are gravitating from all over NSW to checkout this amazing mix of talent. From a 6’7″ trombone player to the baby hands of the incredible keyboard player. Thank god the underage can come because I have 2 teenage girls that can’t sleep because of the excitement…….

  2. loz says:

    As parents of one of the band members we can only say how proud of all of them we are for getting out there and having a go and proving to themselves and everyone that they could do it and wright and play good music, well done, have a good night on saturday

  3. Kerry Mungovan says:

    Go Tommy M and the Master sounds – heard you guys at the Uni bar – will be there with coconut and hawaiian shirt on. Heard you on JJJ last Thursday!!!

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