EXCLUSIVE: Otis Bar announce details of new location

Only last week we brought you news about the closure of Wollongong’s favourite small venue, the Otis Bar. Fans and music lovers farewelled the Otis with a sold out show on Thursday night, with the bar finally closing their doors on Friday.

Never fear, however! Wipe away those tears and lift up that chin, because the team behind the Otis Bar have wasted no time in revealing details about their new location.

To be called ‘The Little Prince‘ – surely to be colloquially referred to as ‘the Prince.’ As in, “hey, I’ll see you at the Prince tonight,” or “hey, you going to the Prince tonight?” – it is to be located on the corner of Globe Lane and the Crown Street mall.

Details of the first gig at the new venue have also been announced. Aussie singer-songwriter Andy Bull will play The Little Prince on August 25th, as part of his ‘Phantom Pains’ national tour with Spring Skier (featuring members of Hungry Kids of Hungary). Local folk/acoustic songwriter Jack R Reilly will open the show, thereby taking the honour of being the very first person to play at the new venue (click here to buy your pre-sale tickets for the show).

Radar is very excited to see the Otis Bar’s newest re-incarnation, and to see the team behind the venue getting the ball rolling so quickly. Can’t wait for the big re-opening in August!


One Response to EXCLUSIVE: Otis Bar announce details of new location

  1. GK says:

    Yes a great new venue!
    But why Oh why change the name? Otis = Cool; Little Prince = Pooncey. 😦

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