EXCLUSIVE: Adam Jordan (Main St. Studios) to run for local council

Normally, we’re all about the music here at Radar; we try to steer clear of contentious political issues. But every once in a while, something awesome comes along – like the ‘Rock The Vote’ campaign – that intertwines local music with politics. Today, again, is one of those days.

If you’re in a band, have ever recorded a song, or even just occasionally gone to a local gig, chances are you know Adam Jordan. Chief engineer and producer at Main Street Studios, Wollongong’s premier recording studio, Jordan has just announced that he will be contesting the local council elections this September. Vying for a councillor position, Jordan will be running on a platform including a focus on youth, culture and the arts. Jordan will be running as independent candidate, under the Community Voice ticket (click here to read more about Community Voice’s policies and platform).

Read Jordan’s press release below (from the Main Street Sessions website):

I have decided to run for the position of Councillor in Wollongong’s local government elections, being held on 3 September 2011.

I’ve made this decision because I believe that I have the passion and character required to be a Councillor that is responsible to the community.

My decision was not made overnight, as I have been following the debates about the future of Wollongong since the state government legislated to hold elections a few months ago.

In 2008 our city’s Council was sacked due to the corruption of Labor Party councillors and power-hungry senior managers like Rod Oxley. It greatly concerns me that the ALP and Rod Oxley might return to office, and I believe our city deserves Councillors who act only in the interests of the community.

I would make an effective Councillor because I am well known in Wollongong and have developed an extensive grassroots support network.

Through my business, Main Street Studios, I have promoted the interests of young people and musicians and artists in the Wollongong area.

I was one of the organisers of the State of the Music Scene Forum 2011, played an active role in the Wollongong Music Round Table (WMRT) Inc., recorded music for schools and worked on musical projects with Church groups including the Carmelite Priesthood and Lighthouse Church. I regularly donate studio time to young local bands for Youth Week events Youthrock and Aamplify as well as the Wollongong Uni Band Comp.

As a Councillor, I will make sure that any plans for the future of our city will reflect the interests of young people and the arts and cultural scenes.

I am a successful small business owner and was a finalist in Illawarra & South Coast Region Local Business Awards in 2011. As Councillor I will work to bridge the gap between small business and big business in Wollongong, and strive to achieve greater interaction between the top and lower ends of town.

I have decided to run for pre-selection as an independent under the Community Voice united ticket. This is because I believe the platform of Community Voice is inclusive of my own views, and because Community Voice is the only campaign advocating the interests of young people and the arts and music scenes.

With the support of Community Voice, I will campaign to promote greater democracy in Wollongong that will ensure Council is more accountable to the community.

I endorse the four platforms of Community Voice including community participation and democracy, long-term job creation, sustainability (in terms of both development and the environment), and the need for community driven visionary planning.

I will be discussing these policies at the Community Voice pre-selection event, being held this Sunday, 24 July at Thirroul Community Centre at 2pm.

In order for me to run for Council, I need to be pre-selected. If you would like to support my bid for pre-selection, I would appreciate anyone from the small business sector, the music and arts scene, as well as young people turning up on Sunday to vote for me.

You need to be a member to vote, and membership is $30/$15 (workers/non-workers, students) (details at http://illawarracommunityvoice.wordpress.com/get-involved/join-community-voice/).

There will most likely be a lot of people registering for membership at the pre-selection, so I suggest becoming a member before the day.


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